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Know these knowledge, shower room no longer struggle when the choose and buy! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Time before a lot of people think that the designers of shower room is extremely rare, but now the standard of living with a certain gap, for some families to live a well-off life, is they want to enjoy life, because life level has been greatly improved, now installed in the bathroom shower room is an essential link, so the knowledge of shower room you know what? Shower room is made up of frame profiles, hardware accessories, plastic parts, toughened glass, the base of. The type of shower room by activity way classification, can be divided into type push-pull trips to peace open type shower room, shower room under the action of external force between the two has a different role. Push-pull type on the activity of the part is through the pulley in the kinds of orbit, along the curve or straight line. And flat type of activity is partly by a shaft or hinge hinge along the rotation of the fixed axis. Shower room and classified according to plane shape, has a diamond shaped, word screen, square, arc, tee, fan, etc. Shower room the hardware accessories materials are all made of 304 stainless steel or copper, 59 is a lot of accessories in the hardness, flexibility, one of the best, the bearing capacity is high, the effective guarantee of the performance and service life of shower room, after testing, hardware accessories plating thickness is 11 hours, and after 24 hours of acid fog test, plating quality reaches more than ten steps on the surface of the parts, and no black spots, long-term use of surface layer, the phenomenon such as bubbles appear. So choose the shower room is the best of the whole industry material 304 stainless steel. Pulley adopted 304 stainless steel body and bearing, long-term use higher corrosion resistance and bearing capacity of reinforced, also very safe. In order to prevent the pulley in use process is too noisy, adopted the ppu, pa66, pom, such as material, not only wear-resisting is mute.
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