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Know this toilet decorates need not worry - three o 'clock

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Although the area of the toilet is not big, but often water, so it is a space that is very easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, we are decorating must take more attention to. Toilet decorates actually is a complicated project, many of the owners lack of professional knowledge of decorate, think you just need to just install a few wei yu products are toilet, there are many details they won't deal with, so today give you explain what must pay attention to the place! A generally 5 -, space toilet Size 8 square meters, so suggest toilet best dry wet depart, daily use and separate bath area, this will not affect each other. 3 square meters is the area of floor of the toilet, just to wash one's hands stage, implement all and bathing equipment installation, but we have to choose a few do not occupy a space of sanitary ware, such as shower room, can make full use of good corner space, perfect to create a separate shower area; Sink and implement best choose cabinet and does not occupy a space; To install a bathroom mirror will also be able to achieve 'expand' the area of the visual space. Second, the toilet of ventilation in wet condition for a long time, so very easy to breed bacteria, time is long can with serious threat to human health, so it's best to choose to have the window bright defending. If it is dark, then in order to keep the toilet won't mildewy, long hair, not with worm crawling around the tide phenomenon, in addition to the installation of a big power, high performance exhaust fan outside, still have to pay attention to avoid the 'package', especially the place near the ground, people like to wrap the tube, or do a store content ark, under the sink didn't expect the moisture bag inside, spread out completely. So we have to do dry wet depart of toilet, bath, wet area are dry area on the toilet, wash gargle, etc. , can be placed objects such as toilet paper, towels, bath towel. Three, sit implement toilet 'elements' should be the most important in sit implement, its function and health is directly related to the health of consumers. In addition to health problem, is quietly emerging in society 'toilet revolution', the concept of the so-called revolution is health care efficacy of toilet, toilet to install a king-touch toilet clean body implement can not only of great benefit to patients with anorectal, and has the very strong health care function for woman old group.
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