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Knowledge of myth! Actually, toughened glass shower room isn't as thick as possible! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
With the progress of The Times, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life experience, so many families began to pursue a more comfortable, more convenient, more convenient way of life. Many people also heard of the most important is the quality of the toughened glass shower room, but many people mistakenly believe that: tempered glass is as thick as possible, and more secure. But that is not the case. Thick toughened glass shower room, it's being very naturally enhanced, but if after, will have the opposite effect. The thicker the glass, its thermal performance is relatively poor, the possibility of explosive also increases. So glass blow itself up one of the reasons is caused by uneven cooling and the different parts, so this point, illustrates the toughened glass is not more thick more good. In addition, the shower room of small brand manufacturers in the production of more than 8 mm is hard to be totally toughened glass, glass if fracture, since such splash the glass will cut the body, cause harm. And toughened glass, the more thick, the weight will be heavier, so for the hinge of the pressure is very big, can greatly shorten profiles and the service life of the pulley, especially inferior shower room use lower quality pulley. So you can see, the thicker the toughened glass is the more dangerous. However the glass quality mainly depends on the degree of toughened, whether formal metal production, fight, heat resistance, light transmittance, etc. Now there are a lot of shower room on the market the brand are claiming is toughened glass, but in fact many toughened glass toughened chengdu or reach hundred, such is not completely tempered glass, glass thickness on the market at present more than 8 mm basic cannot reach hundred of toughened glass. Consumer is when the choose and buy, can pay attention to whether have 3 c certification marks. Because no matter size, toughened glass should be with 3 c authentication marks, this is proof that the state certification, so must be attention. In addition, you can find a formal professional brand shower room, such as shower room, so the quality and construction craft of shower room is more guaranteed!
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