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Knowledge of popular science: the thicker the glass shower room is not the better -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Since many people think, shower room glass quality about shower room explosive risk, so why not choose some thick glass, impact resistance stronger like that? It is a myth, people didn't know it, the thicker the glass shower room is not the better! Because of the thicker the glass, its thermal conductivity will become bad, so the greater the possibility of glass bursting, because glass from a major cause of the explosion is caused by uneven cooling in different region, so from this point of explosion-proof glass should be as thin as possible. Shower room glass thickness, and its robustness nature is strong, but if too thick, also be counterproductive, because the thickness of glass on a little more than 8 mm brand shower room factory is very difficult to achieve full toughened, so once the glass is broken, and will have sharp surface, thus prone to cut the risk of the human body. Generally in the market of all claims to be toughened glass shower room, subtle differences in the extent of the toughened, good full toughened glass that is, almost alone less than hundred of toughened, look to see shards of glass samples, look to whether accord with national standard. Glass, the more quantity is heavier, heavy pressure is too great for hinge, profiles and the service life of the pulley will be cut short, especially cheap shower room mostly use poorer quality of pulley, so that the thicker the glass instead of the more dangerous! And toughened glass is good or bad depending on whether the toughened degree, formal metal production, light transmittance, impact resistance, heat resistance and so on. The thicker the glass, the better is a myth. Shower room glass thickness of common shower room products on the market have half arc also has a linear, the thickness of the glass is associated with the modelling of shower room. Arc class, for example, is required to shape the glass, generally advisable, 6 mm is too thick is not suitable for modelling, and the stability of less than 6 mm thick. Also, if you choose to linear modelling of shower panel, you can choose to 8 mm, or 10 mm, but what need reminds is, with the increase of the thickness of the glass, the overall weight also increases accordingly, which have higher requirements about the quality of the related hardware. But if I buy 8 ~ 10 mm thick glass, with pulleys will quality better. This paper released by shower room tidy
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