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Let the bathroom experience more perfect, choose whole attention - shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
As people living standard unceasing enhancement, when more and more people are decorating a shower room to dry wet depart. Dry wet depart, on the other hand, can prolong the service life of other sanitary wares, and also to prevent the bacteria due to damp in the bathroom, when it comes to the dry wet depart, then of course the best choice is to install a shower room, so what problem should be paid attention to when selecting a shower room? Shower room door to open the door way to use is the most common way of shower room open sliding door to open two kinds, suitable for most of the modern family. Between wei yu of tie-in and different style, size of shower room, when buying, should according to the actual size to choose the right means of open space. If toilet area is limited, so choose the sliding door as the door way is the most space saving, especially before and after the push and pull open, inside and outside the activities of the push-pull open door is suitable for small space between wei yu, do not take up too much space at the same time, can avoid the water splash to other areas. The framework design according to the design of shower room, shower room is divided into two types, that is, framed and the frameless. Have frame casing outside the shower room is mainly made of titanium alloy aluminum as frame of cohesion, because the structure line is coarser, so will create the oppressive sense on the vision. In fact, a kind of more modern shower room, the design of the lighter. It does not have a traditional framework material, but by the metals boom and fixed hinge. Neat and beautiful appearance, have contemporary feeling, keep the space fully. According to the choice between wei yu the shape style shower room should be determined according to the actual size of toilet. In the life of common shape of shower room is divided into: a glyph, rectangular and circular arc, diamond, square, etc. For ordinary families, only needs to enter into the space of shower room, and the overall feel good, is not limited to space, want to can only choose custom shower room space position has changed.
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