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Let the blows hot and cold shower no longer - Thermostatic shower!

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-28
End of a day of busy work, after work crowded subway kind like sardines, returned home already tired as a dog. This time, there is nothing more than a comfortable bath can soothe our tired bodies. However, not every time can follow the 'bath'! Did you familiar with this scene, flower is aspersed blows hot and cold water, in a short while cold goose bumps, a very hot tutter to stick, that call a acid bright! The sanitary ware that now Appollo to introduce a new era of thermostatic shower, no hot and cold shower, can not only remove dirt, can loosen body and mind, let the human further shower brings a comfortable experience!

the wei yu that Appollo thermostatic valve core

technology as the core, the valve core is top priority! It is the function of automatic adjustment of hot and cold water mixing proportion, that is to use modulate you set the water temperature of hot and cold water. Appollo sanitary ware with the valve core has high precision, balance the water pressure, quality assured.

Appollo thermostatic shower bathroom tiny error rapid temperature control

thermostatic showers, 0. 5 seconds fast heat, 2. Open thermostatic enjoy 8 seconds speed, small temperature difference, the process of shower water temperature constant, skin care.

Appollo thermostatic shower defending bath of energy saving, water saving,

thermostatic showers in the design of environmental protection and energy saving more practical, without debugging repeatedly, reduce the waste water in the process of debugging.

Appollo thermostatic shower the sanitary ware that can lift shower rod, rotating flower is aspersed seat

high quality 304 stainless steel, impact strength, and is equipped with automatic flushing water mouth, clean health. More lift shower equipped with lifting sliding sleeve, height can be adjusted, and convenient use, children 360 ° rotating spray shower cap, free adjustment, no matter which Angle are comfortable!

select Appollo thermostatic shower bathroom, instantaneous opening 38 ° constant temperature, say goodbye to hot and cold, want to several times a few degrees.
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