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Look over these dry goods wholesale, neighbors call me 'flower is aspersed old driver'

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-22
The nineties of the last century, we are original bathing. Having a basin of water body, with soap bubbles, rub a few pour water bath. Since the pipes, we have shower with it, although the bucket is convenient, but it seems, are still lack of something. Later, a wise human get inspiration from the spray watering pot, put it into the shower device, since then, the flower is aspersed gradually become the standard of the bathroom. Flower is aspersed changed the way to take a bath, bath to become a kind of enjoyment. What about how to choose a good flower is aspersed, old drivers have something to say!

sanitary ware wholesale - — Flower is aspersed when the choose and buy, how to see quality

want the flower is aspersed and durable, quality warranty certificate. We can from the valve core, coating, cavity, salt fog test, and the function and so on several levels.

valve core: mix water valve core is the heart of the flower is aspersed, determines the quality and service life. Quality flower is aspersed most of the ceramic valve core, its corrosion resistance is stronger. Its role is to hot and cold water by using the different proportion. And internal ceramic chip, high hardness and smooth surface so attaches little oil consumption, even use for a long time can have a smooth feel.

bring the function of the valve core is the mixing of hot and cold water

Appollo sanitary ware is currently a dragon with a shower head with thermostatic valve core product, is the French resistance ( Vernet) High quality thermostatic valve core brand, its role is set through the valve core to control the water temperature constant temperature, no longer need to frequent adjustment, the temperature is constant. The thermostatic valve core is not suitable for the leading the solar water heater; Try to choose and more than 12 litres water with servo function of gas water heater, otherwise it will effect because the water pressure to use experience.

cavity: the cavity is refers to the package of the tap valve core metal, brass materials commonly used high quality of the flower is aspersed.

plating processes: good plating process, not only can if brightness is new, and feel fine, easy to clean, general use steel wire ball, scale did not have. Appollo bathroom shower with many consumers home still if brightness is new for many years, because of the plating process is very good. Damp bathroom environment, at the same time in pursuit of beautiful, flower is aspersed surface should pass grinding, polishing, dust removal, nickel plating, chrome plating and other processing. In general, from the flower is aspersed on the surface, the more light is exquisite, the better the said coating process; 'Breathe,' or toward the surface 1 seconds faster recovery plating density, good quality.

salt fog test: according to the national standard, sanitary equipment plating must go through salt spray test, are generally doing 24 hours a day, to grade nine.

handheld shower nozzle and water stop switch function: holding a flower is aspersed, generally with the function of the switch of the water mode, some high-end products can adopt different from ordinary rotary switch button switch mode. The benefits of this design is only need one hand can operate, at the time of full hand bubble is very nice, and feel very good.

the water: can well apply to cleaning mops, carpet or cleaning the bathroom, and so on and so forth. Generally under the mouth water bubbler design, the water is gentle and quiet, the sanitary ware that Appollo adopted into ABS material, soft don't splash water to fully feel close and comfortable with water. Silica gel water mouth role is to be able to easily remove residual scale, generally only need to use finger to rub a rub can rapidly cleared.

sanitary ware wholesale - — What flower is aspersed black technology

top spray: with the top spray shower can be designed larger extent improve the comfortable degree of the shower, the larger the size of covers an area of the wide, the rain, the more obvious effect. From the material, ABS material and stainless steel material on the use of no difference, but usually the top of the stainless steel material spray size bigger and thinner and more beautiful.

air injection: mean injecting air into water and then spray out, such not only can save about 30% of water, can also increase the comfort to take a bath, a consumer said, feels like cotton candy to hit in the body. If there is no top gush home fans, can consider the bath shower ( Under the double functions: hand-held shower and water) 。

now you on how to choose and buy flower is aspersed should know fairly well!
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