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Made in China, 2025, sanitary ware industry storm hits, joining trader?

by:Appollo bath     2020-09-04

Made in China, 2025, is in the first decade of the Chinese government implement the strategy of manufacturing power of action insist & other; Innovation drive, quality first, the green development, structural optimization, the talent for this & throughout; The basic policy, insist on & other; Market leading, government guidance, based on the current and long-term perspective, the whole advancement, key breakthrough, independent development, opening up and cooperation throughout the &; The basic principle, through & other; Three steps & throughout; Realizing the strategic goal of manufacturing power: the first step, in 2025 into the manufacturing powerhouse ranks; The second step, by 2035 China's manufacturing sector as a whole to make world powers camp medium level; The third step, to the founding of new China in one hundred, in the lead of the world's manufacturing power in terms of comprehensive strength. Chinese-made 2025 strategy is put forward to traditional manufacturing industry by surprise wei yu, in response to the transformation and upgrading pressure, sanitary ware companies open road to upgrade. Building intelligent plant capacity expansion, upgrade brand image, enhance consumer experience, enterprises in the fierce market competition environment under constant pursuit of change. In the age of the Internet. Every crisis is an opportunity, actually in the environmental wind popular throughout the country, many enterprises that defend bath is the great pressure from environmental protection, some enterprises survived some enterprises to lose the chance of survival. There are many sanitary ware brand ready as early as possible, meet the national standard, made both meet the standard and can meet the demand of contemporary society of bathroom products. As & other; Internet + & throughout; The escalating, marketing model also must make the corresponding adjustment. Appollo early sanitary ware hug & other; Internet + & throughout; , from the revenue management to the entire network marketing to implement the whole channel marketing terminal store lead guest, is to meet the new mode and new opportunities. Some people say that China is in a tide of new consumption, and recently the State Council and issued 'about further advice to promote the development of cultural tourism education health sectors such as' file. When it comes to real estate transformation to adapt to the demand, Mr Gu said the key is that we will continue to maintain good traditional kinetic energy at the same time, to produce new economic growth momentum. Essence of spiritual demand, to be healthy, happy, happy life, not only want to eat good, to play well and in good health, good learning environment and so on. “ Product & throughout; Is the quality. So China & other; Spirit & throughout; , and puts forward China into an era of quality, speak & other; The doctrine & throughout; : quality, variety, brand. The construction industry, real estate industry, building TaoXingYe should work toward this direction, today's topic is & other; Say goodbye to the extensive, insight throughout the future &; Transformation is the direction of the transformation, we go to where? Turn on the new kinetic energy & ndash; — “ Pure & throughout; +“ Product & throughout; , believe that such a transition is certainly no problem. Sanitary ware industry of the future, the notion of electricity will not exist, but is replaced by the new era of retail. Consumer upgrades, plus electric shang wei yu ( The new retail era) The advent of notice & other; Fine + goods & throughout; The new transformation of kinetic energy is a sanitary ware enterprises on the key of higher development platform. Who are need to do that defend bath always upholds the beginner's mind, focus on do a brand well. Domestic sanitary ware market size is big enough, there are many blank market for development. There is no best, only better sanitary ware industry in the development of the road, too, should adhere to the attitude of an aspirant, from make pragmatic attitude. In & other; Internet + & throughout; began in 2011, under the trend of Appollo launch electric business platform for offline interaction. 2015 for electricity for the offline store drainage way, the results show that through online drainage, 10 - offline sales performance 35 & Ascension. In 2016 the company started & other; Internet + & throughout; Marketing model, namely the online promotion for offline terminal stores guest, again through the experience of physical stores to detonate terminal sales, achieve the purpose of using the online promotion auxiliary offline sales, at the same time, it can realize resources integration, as the rapid development of the brand promotion effect, bath agent merchant's final selection. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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