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Maintenance method of high-end shower room, how much do you know -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-17
When the development of the society gradually get better, we will find that people will be more and more like high-end shower room. People are the pursuit of better, so the pursuit of high-end shower room is also one of the performance. But after you use the high-end shower room, it is also necessary for its maintenance, so the maintenance method of how much you know about it? For high-end shower room maintenance to maintain, mainly from three aspects: first, aluminum alloy frame maintenance: first of all, if need to be aware of when cleaning is not wipe with corrosive liquid or material; Second is can't use rough material or sharp objects to wipe and surface characterization, because easily scratched the surface. If the aluminum surface besmirch, after washing clean dissolved in neutral water wipe, do not use strong acid or alkali cleaning. Second, the maintenance of laminated glass: ban with a sharp blow or hit the glass surface, otherwise will be broken; Do not use corrosive liquid to wipe the glass surface, it will also affect the glass; Don't use coarse material wipe the glass surface, to avoid scratches. If there is a crack or damage, need immediate contact after-sales customer service, let them handle. Three, maintenance of hardware accessories: push-pull type shower door, roller in use need to pay attention to avoid the hard hit the door, and pay attention to regularly clean slide rail, pulley, give a pulley filling lubricant; Regularly adjust pulley adjusting screw to ensure that the door can have a good slide. Is not only a high-end shower room can maintain, other shower room also can maintain, to do this, you will not have to worry about the service life of shower room oh ~
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