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Make your bathroom farewell dirty old disorderly enjoy relaxed - immediately

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Sorching summer, wash a face in the bathroom, shower is the most pleasant thing, however, with the improvement of the frequency, all kinds of bathroom dirty old disorderly problems were also more likely to occur, then the following by the top ten brand shower room - — To explain to you how to use the simplest way to restore the bathroom clean. A, sequential arrangement 3 big wei yu the sanitary ware, bathroom supplies put look without rules, in fact, they put the position is: to have certain skills in general, the sink toward the door between wei yu, implement close to its side, shower set within the most. Such a low to high from the bathroom door began to decorate, can improve the space jam feeling, from the vision to achieve the effect of eye open. Two, dry wet depart to sink and the bathroom separation, let the shower area and toilet area, basin area. Conditional between wei yu is the best way to add one for the bathroom shower room, shower bath goalkeeper left to distinguish, or directly to the counters are independent outside the shower room is a class of porch existence; Insufficient space area is the lack of conditions between the wei yu that can use the shower curtain instead of shower room, bath ark is separated from the ground at the same time. Three Windows and air vents that defend bath, expanding the bathroom window size was small, and the area is small, clever increase the area of the Windows and air vents, to have better ventilation opportunity between wei yu, can also be configured appropriately ventilation equipment, sunny and bright window than the lighting effects made by the more relaxing.
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