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Manufacturer to tell you: make shower installation shower house price is depends on what aspects? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Minimalism, seems to be a kind of fashion and trend. Contracted does not represent a simple, however, it does not advocate using meaningless adornment to design living space, how to go from space layout, furniture, bathing necessity, details and decorative elements, to find a proper balance, that is the real meaning of minimalism. One of the most need to elaborate is between wei yu, simply rinse does not wash away weary10, might as well use a few delicate bathroom good content, enjoying a comfortable experience, in the shower room for your bath 'home' ceremony feeling! Decorate it, most of the family has to deal with excess decoration, especially in the purchase of used items. In fact, generally the price of shower room and area are related to the material. General 800 - simple shower room 1000 yuan range, for high end shower room, configuration is better, hundreds of thousands of it is not surprising. In a physical store to buy shower room, suggested to ask in advance if there is a door to door installation services. The installation of shower room price generally depends on the size of the bathroom, the second is the design of shower room. Note 1 installation shower room, shower room shower room should be paid attention to the installation of the easily broken in transit, so should be disassembled by two or more than two people at the same time the vertical carrying, and careful to avoid collision with hard objects. 2, installation on the packaging, shower room glass vertically. Glass is placed horizontally or uneven, can damage, property or personal injury. 3, banning the use of acid, alkali, organic solvents, acid detergent chemicals such as cleaning. Otherwise it will damage the surface of product. Surface with water or neutral detergent cleaning products. With stained with a small amount of alcohol clean cloth to wipe the stain; 4, shower room in the process of installation note acrylic board easily electrostatic dust, only need to use cotton with a little soapy water to remove dirt, achieve clean effect. Between wei yu integral space with concise line was modified, make the space more smooth and natural line. In terms of soft outfit, according to the tone of shower room USES some ornaments to carry bright bright color is, the atmosphere of whole space more lively, jumping. Modern contracted style shower room is the most intuitive performance shower room factory design, it emphasizes element with Jane, but cannot ignore its function and practical value. The overall layout of the space that defend bath, shower room, we should not only pay attention to the total expression of spatial symbol, and the pursuit of the appearance of lively and concise.
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