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by:Appollo bath     2021-01-26
Want to make bathroom more reasonable, to ensure that all needs can be met, shower room is a good choice. There are many finished goods shower room is on the market, you may install the direct purchase, the price is not high. But not all are applicable between wei yu, that how to choose shower room. Seen in details the quality when we buy shower room, shower room also need to see the glass appear a degree, whether there are air bubbles, impurities and so on. If you have, explain the strength and hardness of glass is poor, do not recommend buying. Also need to pay attention to see whether the glass of shower room through the national 3 c certification. Shower room of choose and buy, or need to start from security. Profiles and accessories in addition to glass that cannot be ignored, we also need to learn to discern between material and check the sealing of the shower room shower room USES the pulley to withstand voltage, aluminum color brightness, and the thickness of the wall thickness design shall not be less than 1. The following 5 mm, otherwise easy to deformation. Hardware accessories must adopt stainless steel with high hardness. Design shower room after checking the quality of shower room, should pay attention to what you need to determine the required size, shower room, according to the area and the height of between wei yu, shower room is not too high or too large, usually the height of the shower room is best adapted to height between wei yu, and leave some space, can let a person feel more comfortable. Shower room of choose and buy when you see more contrast, appearance and use effect cannot be ignored, so as to ensure the effect of shower room is best. Shower room design should pay attention to according to the actual need to install the shower room, make good use of every inch of space of the bathroom, shower room design is the most ideal effect.
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