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Minimalist lifestyle ( 2)

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-10
For certain things distribution good time

try to arrange my time, at a specific time of day, is used to perform specific activities. Take a shower of the time, work time, cleaning time, dinner time, it can allocate time for your own activities.

whether it be work or cleaning or exercise or quiet contemplation, if it is important to complete regularly, consider distribution good time for it.

spend some time in the meditation on

meditation is one of the most important part of every day. Every day, good distribution of dedicated to meditation time. This meditation is really practice of learning to live in the present moment.

you can take some time to meditation, or do what I do: I'm running for living in the moment of a kind of exercise.

in the same way, you can use any activity, drawing, playing the piano, or do a beautiful hand. If you often go to live in the present moment and practice.

smile and serve others

keep modest, learn the perspective-taking, ensure that life is not just a selfish, but also to give others.

if you are a parent, you may have at least a service to others in the family spent time, rather than the parents may do that.

similarly, smiling and kindness, is a good way to improve lives around you. Also consider volunteering for charity work.

the cleaning and cooking become meditation

in addition to the above meditation, cleaning and cooking is also a day to do the part of glory. They all is a good way to practice of mindfulness, can be a good ceremony every day.

if cooking and cleaning for you, seems to be a cumbersome sundry, try to use meditation to do them. Do the work with all my heart, it will change your day. ( At the same time also give you a clean room. )

what thinking is a must

in the life of a zen monk, basically all is a must to do. He doesn't have a closet full of shoes or the latest fashion clothes. He has no refrigerator and cabinets to store junk food. Without the latest cars, mobile phones.

he warm clothes and shelter houses, necessary equipment, with the necessary tools and even the food.

and I said these, is not to say that you should live like a zen monk, I didn't do it. But it's a reminder that in life, there are a lot of things is not necessary. Think about what we really need to, and give up what the unnecessary things.


simple life

the simple life is, as much as possible to get rid of unnecessary and not important things, which is important in space is retained. And what is important is in the eye of the beholder.

to me, my family, writing, running is the most important. I hope with the family, everything is clean and simple in the home, including the toilet. While the toilet in the bathroom I choose Appollo sanitary ware.

it is contracted appearance and smooth glaze and intelligent remote control, making it easier for family when I was in the toilet, especially the elderly and children. Ergonomic thermostatic seat in the winter, seat is warm and comfortable.

automatically flush, change numerous for brief. No manual operation, automatic sensor, warm wind or human left the seat, after cleaning the machine will automatically flush. Even if a power outage in flank blunt water, also can realize automatic flush.
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