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Modern shower room installation experience sharing, to do well - wall seepage control details

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Shower room culture gradually been paid great attention in modern life, more show infinite charm and vitality. Decorate the bathroom, create a romantic life, it is the highlight of home decoration. A thoughtful shower room design, the careful design, in addition to its beautiful outside, still need to pay attention to details such as the seepage control of metope, floor drain, avoid details of future trouble. The functional design of shower room between wei yu choose the shower room with a set of high quality not only let us enjoy the pleasure of the shower, also to avoid the tedious cleaning up dirty water overflow. Therefore, shower room, under the premise of heat preservation function, pay more attention to the effect of the dry wet depart. Specializing in the production of shower room, meticulously under the humanized design, wet and dry and clear enough to ensure your bathroom, shower and fun. Purchase the matters needing attention in the choice of shower room, shower room the first thing to consider the size of the bathroom, choose the most suitable for the layout of the bathroom, combined with his be fond of choose the shower room with no frame or border. Secondly, on the windowsill, toilet, wall column and the distance of the wash basin, toilet for integrated design, open mode, etc. Shower room design combined with the toilet size large space can consider from the Angle of the comfortable, easy to choose, shower room and small space should make full use of the area, choose a few diamond shower room design of shower room, can make full use of space. Non-standard production process installation shower room of shower room is the best way in the bathroom before decorate good design suitable size, and embedded into the corresponding hole location in advance. Such as water supply system has been installed, the floor tile has been installed, is equipped with a custom shower room. In the design, shower room can customize nonstandard according to the actual size of the bathroom, shower room, can be installed by the manufacturer specialized technical personnel.
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