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Move the door ten big brand shower room share a magic weapon dry wet depart between bath -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Though between wei yu the space is little, still want to in the limited range as far as possible let it became more comfortable, but every time I shower wet everywhere, this winter is good summer 1 to what of, feel oneself again go to take a bath, so, just as a way to put the water vapor up! ! ! ! Use a magic weapon of dry wet depart between bath, — Shower room. As door model design tends to rationalize, the area of domestic toilet is at present larger and larger, the structure is reasonable, more in line with the actual needs of the people. Toilet already from onefold 'clean, convenient' place, became a beautiful and practical, fully functional activity space. This requires a toilet decorate a design more reasonable. Under the premise that the area is larger, the function of the designer to make it considerate, to embody the people-oriented design concept, make toilet is both practical and comfortable. Wet partition is to separate toilet, convenient, and shower function of toilet, overcome ever cross water use defects caused by reducing toilet metope, ground water. Used to wash and shower spray 4 splash, finished bathing water vapor is very heavy, often need to wipe clean to avoid because of wet and breeding ground for bacteria. To wash gargle and 'convenient' separation reasonably, make both each other. There are several kinds of wet partition way, such as bath shade, half partition and shower room, one of the most simple and practical method is to install manufacturer of shower room, shower room wash bath area separated alone. Shower room of shower room is usually set in the inside of the toilet corner, keep the area outside to dry. Shower room brand variety, plane shape of a square, rectangle, fan-shaped, diamond-shaped and so on, according to the size of space, commonly used square shower room size of 800 & # 8211; 1000mm。 If the installation bath crock, can take glass is cut off or vitreous sliding door. Small toilet bath shade can also be installed, but the waterproof effect is poor. If installed bath crock in the home, usually put the shower curtain in bath crock inside, blocking too much water splashed to the ground. It is important to note here: 1, the shower curtain had better guarantee completely clean, or into the bath water will have health problems; 2, there will be a small amount of water splash, bath slip out carefully. In addition to the manufacturer of shower room shower room to shower partition, if the condition allows, wash one's hands can also separate partition. Bathroom general Settings, in the front of the space that defend bath, so the toilet and shower room can be set to a closed room, the bathroom area independent set to half open type, separated with translucent glass, can even use a unique open type washstand, but to pay attention to the processing of surface drainage: super waterproof strategy between wei yu, floor drain from the beginning! The dry wet depart of toilet, make different space is used for place each, each other, considered the subtleties of life, to the lavatory greatly the life of people, improve the quality of life, is the basic method to design of modern sanitary ware. 'Move the door of shower room ten big brands today share a magic weapon dry wet depart between bath,' the topic of information sharing is over here, the hope can help you, China's top ten brand shower room, shower room is a focus on the overall shower room manufacture of shower room manufacturers, adhere to the concept of 'share shower space with the world', the main products are simple shower room, shower room, to provide customers with high-quality products and services to shower room.
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