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New retail era, sanitary ware industry how to greet the new change

by:Appollo bath     2020-11-14
New retail outlet, the industry's giants have to join the retail revolution under the new era. And bathroom industry also want to take a new retail dongfeng, change the retail supply chain retail merchants even refactoring, wei yu entity relationships with consumers. Here have a look at how the changes happen.

what is the new retail?

what's the difference between a new retail compared to traditional retail?

new retail can bring what industry?

enter the new retail for sanitary ware industry and what impact?

ali said new retail is the reconstruction of the freight yard, jingdong argues that retail change is behind the change of the retail infrastructure. Aside from the definition of these fancy do not say, we can be sure of is that retail walked into the new stage of the era, is experiencing a great change.

so, this change is how to happen? A, wei yu the supply chain process change

in the new era of retail, the essence of supply chain management that defend bath is not change, or to be integrated and collaborative chain of each link, such as sanitary ware suppliers, various sales channels, warehouse, supermarket, the number of goods in order to accurately make consumers need, within the shortest possible time to be sent to the hands of consumers, so as to realize the service levels at the same time, minimize the cost of the whole system.

and to achieve this effect, requires companies to have digital logistics information integration ability and integrated intelligent storage conditions, standardization of quality control management.

2, sanitary ware entity retail terminal scene revolution

for wei yu the traditional entity retail, building beautiful beautiful stores, shopping centers, with high quality bathroom products, courteous service, combined with the environment space, lighting, mei Chen arrangement and so on, to give customer experience. However, such a scene for decades has excessive 'commercial', to experience the same, for consumers, increasingly less attractive. The new revolution of sanitary ware industry under the background of the retail scene, should give priority to in order to 'design, interaction, experience', will be more cross-border scenarios grafting elements, meet consumer demand for personalized, the design feels emotion, rich variety of experience, to form a new commercial space and atmosphere. At the same time, through constructing the values, the value recognition of consumers rely more on their services, enhance their ability to ask a guest to stay.

3, refactoring merchants and consumers relationship to all retail positioning is behavior of consumer demand as the guidance, break the barrier of the technology and channels, to create the best brand experience. So no matter how sanitary ware industry and retail ecological change, will not change the fundamental starting point, so in the new era, when each consumer deeply tied together and your smartphone, we face a big test to reconstruct the relationship between businesses and consumers that defend bath. How to the reconstruction of the relationship between the wei yu merchants and consumers? The core of the heavy with data! Who will the customer pay all preference, the path of consumption, consumption habits, membership information, stored value all information such as data collection, and use the large data integration ability, will data further analysis, sorting, who can do operations, marketing and upgrading of the service experience, etc.

from retail to the new, more is not only a 'new' word, but more than a new sales scenario, a new relationship between businesses and consumers, the new supply chain process, industry bring change at the same time, consumers will benefit from the new retail, enjoy more efficient service, high quality products, focus on efficiency and consumer experience merchants, the wei yu that can truly in new retail wind to soar.
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