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New with about all aspects of maintenance - shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Between wei yu is decorated more and strive for perfection, the toilet of a lot of families choose shower room, beautiful and easy, glittering and translucent get rid of it. But how to maintain you shower room is not very understanding. So, how should do ability to make a shower room if brightness is new? Some small details of life can be done, let's get together to learn! First of all should have the concept of integral bath, so-called whole shower room, in simple terms, an independent shower room. Many people are using glass door in the bathroom lies between a shower area, and truly independent functions of mobile whole bath room now provides modern people with a lot of solution. The second is the shower room safety performance, this is the shower room is very important. At the same time in the choice of, don't only consider the design or function of shower room, more is to put the safety in the first place. Think about shower every day, if there is a potential safety problems, is too hard. The last is the maintenance of shower room. Due to the shower room is a relatively closed space, people often ignore its cleaning and maintenance. Hardware maintenance of small components, in particular, it is and the cleanness of shower room is equally important. Shower room is made of tempered laminated glass, all kinds of shower gel long-term erosion will make the glass of shower room attached yellow on the scale. Clean, can be sprayed on special glass cleaner, and then use dry cloth is wiped can return to the previous light.
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