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Non-standard custom shower room also has exquisite, don't despise these two places -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
Nowadays, along with the social development, people's increasing demand for material, also began to enter the era of the exquisite personalized, fashion, even if is also shower house industry. Single appearance design is to meet the basic needs of consumers, between the wei yu that different family has different planning, so the non-standard custom also gradually been known, but what need to pay attention to? Let's take a look at. First of all, the choice of strip needs to pay attention to what aspects? Although non-standard custom shower room selection can be collocation, but how do strip and block to the bottom material effect is the most important point. As strip need to the whole root is used, and not cut into pieces and then joining together, the details need to check when buy clearly. There are many cheap shower room, in the treatment of the strip that tend to have more bad, some manufacturers more cost savings, let glass direct contact with the matrix, this kind of treatment, greatly increase the possibility of broken glass from exploding, and water proofing property is also very poor. Second, the choice of aluminum need to pay attention to what aspects? The aluminum color available in the market is divided into light silver, dumb silver, silver sand, wire drawing, thickness of section 1. 5 - 3. Between 5 mm, hardness in 12 - 14 degrees, non-standard shower room when the choose and buy, we must pay attention to the hardness and thickness of aluminum, aluminum thickness should be 1 in all. More than 5 mm, special parts should achieve 5 mm too much. The hardness of aluminum can aluminum frame with hand pressure test, hardness in more than 13 degrees of aluminum, adult makes it difficult to hand pressure deformation.
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