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Non-standard custom the production process of shower room is? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
As one of the emerging trend of sanitary ware, shower room has the dry wet depart, occupied area is small, practical, decorative, and other important functions. Generally after 80, 90 young people to pursue household life full of emotional appeal, so a representative fashion shower room is absolutely escapes their eye. In this day and age, humanity, customized, personalized, the pursuit of the younger generation custom shower room was favored by them. Unlike other sanitary ware products, lies in its not standardized operation on the assembly line. Because each consumer home toilet area is different, the need for different natural shower room size specifications. A the production of shower room, need to collect the customer demand of different specification, by the terminal market feedback to the manufacturer, again by manufacturer for the order. The middle of circulation cost and time are very obvious. The non-standard customized production of shower room, caused the market situation of the price on the high side. Many domestic manufacturers so early in the build all focus on foreign markets, now as domestic market purchasing power gradually increases, while the economic downturn and anti-dumping abroad inhibits product exports, the enterprise strategic challenge, to tap the domestic market. It is known that many of the domestic power industry is not didn't mean to get their hands on shower room, sanitary ware enterprises just because of the industry for a long time does not halt quantified by assembly line production. And now, with the close cooperation between regions, between the enterprises is expected to complement each other, each other to achieve double development of win-win situation. Shower room, on the other hand, the old situation of the industry, enterprises pay more attention to product research and development of excellence. Sliding door user experience, the transparency of glass material, alloy material compression bearing capacity, and so on have become enterprises need to improve.
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