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Novice choose shower room before, how to conduct a preliminary decorate plan? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-21
House prices high, which behaves particularly outstandingly in particular a second-tier cities, despite the struggle around the clock, the younger generation seem to still can't avoid the 'humble abode'. Don't be afraid to learn the following tips, give us the 'nest' of magic: make it look twice! Shower room style is contracted fashion, the modelling changeable, practicability compared with the traditional bath is more convenient to use. It can effectively use toilet to dry wet depart, bathed in cold season when the function of heat preservation effect by the welcome of people, at the same time become one of the most popular bathing necessity of modern young consumers. However, there are a lot of wholesalers, manufacturers on the market made shower room, quality is uneven. Novice when buying a shower room, then, how to develop a preliminary plan? That should be paid attention to in the original plan, the first is the size of shower room, relatively keep enough space to shower. Different shapes of shower room has a different standard size, under the standard size, the extent of the space to achieve a just, reduce again, the use effect of shower room will also be affected. Under the condition of wide enough in the bathroom, advised to choose a more general rectangular shower room, or other size, shape can be customized according to the space situation. Adequate space can shower experience of ascension. Note the position of shower room and bathroom cabinet, the position of the other bathing necessity, it is necessary to ensure that there are enough shower space, easy to use the bathroom cabinets and bathroom. Under normal circumstances, the door of shower room can be divided into two kinds: open the door and sliding door. The owner can choose according to his be fond of, but when choosing flat open shower room, should pay attention to the opening will encounter outdoor toilet bathroom cabinet. Reserve the space position of shower room, make sure the shower door entrance has enough space opening and closing activities. The bathroom decorate plan is determined, when installing a shower room, should pay attention to the position and direction of the conduit, electrical wiring, conduit blowout. Should also be the default position of leakage protection switch and electrical outlet, ensure that placed outside the shower area, so as to avoid inconvenience to use.
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