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Now buy simple shower room need to know? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Today, has become a regular bathing necessity shower room between the wei yu that entered the new era, with the emergence of shower room, shower also become more convenient and interesting. The shower room is on the market the brand is numerous, which better and is worth to spend money to buy a brand? Believe this is currently the most frequently encountered problems, consumers through some simple shower room details below to see what we should pay attention to what aspects? Shower room needed for the planned function between wei yu designs a simple and practical shower room is a kind of fashion. And choose the shower room with a set of high quality, not only let us immersed in the pleasure of shower, at the same time solve the problem of dry wet depart, remove tedious cleaning. Elaborate shower room, can satisfy your demand of other functions, turning previous impression of shower room, bathroom add color for you! Simple planning the matters needing attention in the planning of shower room, shower room the first thing to consider the size of the between wei yu, choose the most suitable for the layout of the shower room design between wei yu, can choose according to own hobby has frame or frameless series products. Secondly, choosing shower room is at the bottom of the approach, for the window, toilet, wall column, lavabo, open the door way is the content of the need to plan. Before the installation of the wall installation shower for seepage prevention treatment need to deal with the metope of ceramic tile juncture, this will prevent the water through the infiltration of outside wall brick joints of shower room, cause leakage problem. And drainage and floor drain with the need for deodorization, and if the leakage of pipeline, the whole wei yu will be full of dirty water, therefore, in the concave on the bottom of the pool should be set up secondary drainage pipeline, and add the anti-seepage concrete, will avoid a lot of trouble in the future. The style of shower room can match between wei yu large space from the Angle of the comfortable, easy to choose shower room, and small space should make full use of the area, choose some diamond shower room, between wei yu inside for a reasonable planning. Should be considered when selecting a style, also shower room and the matching degree between wei yu. The selected shape should be coordinated with the shape of the basin and toilet, easy to layout.
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