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by:Appollo bath     2020-11-19
For sanitary ware industry in 2018, in many respects, there are a lot of room for improvement. Many dealers understand both opportunities and challenges of the market, took a fancy to sanitary ware market good development prospect, from incoming, but the good and bad are intermingled of wei yu brand in the market now, when the choice must look before you leap, then join sanitary ware brand exactly how to choose? But if hit Appollo wei yu, choose directly, can't be wrong!

a, wei yu brand strong

the strength of a brand is often determines the product of the brand and service support, and also determine the prospects for the future development of the brand. Appollo defending bath of CCTV brand cooperation, is located in fashion, classic quality sanitary ware brand, to pay attention to life taste, pay attention to the quality of life of people as the core, around the bathroom furniture, make with fashionable, quality of life bathroom space.

after long time of development, adhere to the wei yu that Appollo blaze new trails, has developed into a research and development, production and sales of bathroom ark, ceramic toilet, shower room, bathtub, faucet, flower is aspersed, hardware accessories, such as the overall sanitary ware products in the integration of modern science and technology enterprises that defend bath.

2, wei yu product superiority

the dealer franchise brand choice, don't superstitious brand awareness, to realize popularity can be packing hype, and the quality of the product is king. Only the product has the competitive advantage, can be based on the market. Otherwise only on visibility are likely to be a flash in the pan.

Appollo sanitary ware have bathroom cabinet, ceramic toilet, intelligent sit implement, shower room, metal flower is aspersed, hardware faucet, bathtub, sink and other products, complete category is rich, can meet the consumers one-stop shopping needs, convenient and easy. Also caught the consumers' demands, fashion sanitary ware, high-end custom as the core, in addition to the standardization of products, also for consumers in different parts of the configuration of different popular products, to adapt to the different market, also fit the needs of different consumer groups. Can be said to be very close, it is simply a dealers long-term cooperation good choice.

3, small wei joined risk effective

for the dealer, will join the brand must be the purpose of in order to gain more benefits, and not to the input could not be found in the benefits. To choose brand dealers trust, investment risks small quick effect is important.

as a brand of famous sanitary ware, the wei yu that Appollo investment advantage is obvious. Let customers worry-free, easily make money. The company will provide the store design and image decoration advertising design, help dealers do a good job in marketing, reduce the cost. Appollo wei yu product line rich, as well as more in line with market demand, don't worry about the product will not sell. Joining threshold is low, effective and fast, can help the dealers to get benefits.

4, sanitary ware factory has perfect after-sales service

perfect after-sales service and dealers to consider when choosing a brand one of the key, good after-sales service can reassure dealer, no worries. In after-sales service, the sanitary ware that Appollo can let dealers to rest assured.

the wei yu that joined Appollo, new store design is design planning by the headquarters, with rich experience and professional, can let the dealer to establish a brand image in the consumers. In addition, if meets the major festival activities will be held, the headquarters will provide active support, provide design planning or template, help dealers do festival marketing, in order to get more benefit.
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