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One of the ten famous brands in bathroom? Toilet flushing way which is good, the toilet flush to how to adjust the repair?

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-24
The emergence of the toilet for human life brought great convenience, in order to meet the needs of various people design also more and more varieties, the sanitary ware ten big brands? Toilet flushing way which is really good, why after a period of time the toilet flush weakness? Appollo sanitary ware factory answer one by one for you!

the toilet flush way which good?

the toilet water way is divided into: straight flush type, siphon type; Siphon upgrade is injection siphon type, vortex siphon type.

the toilet flush way which is really good, drainage pipe is straight strong pattern, is siphon drainage pipe S form, s-shaped outlet is to increase a siphon outlet is injection location, the right side of the outlet of s-shaped increasing outlet is vortex siphon type, the other is based on the modified. They each have advantages, but only suits own is good.

the toilet flush weakness? Toilet flush toilet pumping カ itself unable to one of the reasons is the lack of, the cause of insufficient water pressure, the adjustment repair method is as follows,

( 1) Can adjust water tank water level. Boring, impact and water down slowly, can explain the pipe a little stuck, dredge the can, if from tank to toilet flow slowly, check the toilet water tank to the outlet of the water to see if there is something god is blocked.

( 2) Can improve the water, for example, put the bottle in the tank.

( 3) Clockwise adjust the inlet valve lever to let water level rise, pay attention to the overflow of the higher water drainage pipe for at least 10 m distance. Toilet flush to the second reason is the insufficient water flush, water resulting in a back problem, such as adjustment of this repair method is as follows:

( 1) If try all sorts of methods are not possible, only in the toilet, you can choose to siphon toilet, effect is good.

( 2) If the water shortage, can under the water tank lid, adjusting under water. In the toilet flush button below two type material rod, with great length under the control of water cock can external regulation. Toilet flushing to the third reason is that the flange interface fashion partial installation, a reduction in, the water flow adjustment of this repair method is as follows:

( 1) Immediately after the installation closestool: don't immediately, testing the waters will put the cement at the bottom of the god, cause instability, toilet and water from the bottom. Don't use immediately, because at the bottom of the wet cement.

( 2) Installation closestool to supervise all the way, be sure to confirm the installation location, the way no mistake, otherwise there is a problem, serious is the entire demolition.

( 3) When buying closestool: it is important to note that the general water tank to the ceramic tile of the pipe is about 30 ~ 875 px, the diameter of them were 2750 px. Toilet flush to the fourth reason is long-term use, lead to disengage the closed living with dirt, lead to smaller, water adjustment of this repair method is as follows: can the hoses removed, in acid, eliminate the accumulation of dirt, installed, the water will be a lot faster. If there are soft items blocked, you can use a soft spiral pass, if what is good thing, get professional maintenance of the master.

the toilet flush weakness, slow water base to cause the clogging in the toilet, in fact there are many reasons, we can according to their own home the toilet of the actual situation to determine what are the causes of the toilet blunt water is not enough, then find the corresponding repair solution.
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