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Parsing the shower room partition principle and doorways - glass door

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
In the shower room decorate new home of practical rate is higher and higher, more and more important. And looks very simple shower room, glass partition and orbital stents, but that principle of glass and doorway is what many of them, a small screws can really affect the service life and experience. Under the shower room to give big guy parsing the partition door of guard the entrance! 1, mirror glass traditional basic didn't do wet toilet area classification, a person will occupy the whole bathroom bath, others can't use, the utilization rate is greatly reduced, when the home is a toilet, is obviously not enough, sometimes get up late in the morning, family huddled a toilet to wash gargle is too late. This time choose mirror glass, bathed in enjoy private space, also greatly improve the space utilization. 2, ultraclean glass for a long time to use the bathroom, shower in the bathroom there are a lot of stains and water stains and scale, for have cleanliness and virgo friends, too bad, but for commuters, who have no matter to the leisure time every day to deal with the scale, this time can let the ultraclean glass appearance, super clean glass surface with a layer of exclusive film, can let the water can't together, form with particular scale, greatly reduce pollution, and even with small surface stains, take cloth wipe gently, it can restore is clean again. 3 glass drab bathroom design, decorative pattern, without a little bit of beauty to the pursuit of beauty, pursue the art of people how to see the bottom go to, don't need a European those colored glaze colorful glass of Rome, but the simple pattern is needed, this time can choose the pattern glass, shower room visual perception is different, the shower is a kind of enjoyment, not only the sensory enjoyment but also the visual enjoyment, so let your toilet is somewhat more modest interest, home style also improve a lot. 4 glass, laminated glass and explosion-proof film glass shower room has become more and more popular, but there are still part of pay attention to the safety of the customer in question the safety problem, this is inevitable a topic, shower room products to shatter the residue, the risk is very high. This time we can choose laminated glass and explosion-proof film this two kinds of material of glass, glass shower room one more layer of insurance for you. Even the glass broken with explosion-proof film will not dangerous for personal. Laminated glass is the explosion-proof membrane in the middle of the sandwich, the fracture can make sure the whole piece of glass in situ don't move, double bearing itself also has a higher safety factor.
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