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Partition and shower room which is better? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
Every family in the bathroom before decorate, how to layout space, what should use the product that defend bath often haunt us, how can you just make the most of every space between wei yu? So today, we just take a look at it in shower room or partition should be installed between wei yu is better? Is an independent space that wash bath, shower room is divided into simple shower room and shower room, simple shower room is the most common shower room, is relatively simple, get the favour of many young people, and whole shower room with general massage, steam, and other functions, can bring us different feelings that wash bath. Shower room can choose according to the size of toilet, make full use of the space that defend bath, and the effect of the dry wet depart. Its adornment sex is strong, in the space defending bath of warm color department installation shower room, transparent glass shower room will be the same as color of the product that defend bath blend mutually, between wei yu is vitality and warmth! Generally in three to five square meters to install a shower room, common font and a corner shower room shower room is given priority to, the specific choice of shape of shower room need to be decided according to the pattern between wei yu, and the Angle of shower room is just as its name implies is suitable for installation between wei yu in the corner of the area, narrow long wei yu is simple and easy to choose one glyph form between wei yu. Partition is determined according to the needs of each person to toilet and zoning, works the same on the dry wet depart, style, material, size are available for the freedom of choice, and partition is low in cost, and if they don't like also can change at any time, the partition of waste material also can realize secondary use. Compared with shower room, glass partition material is ordinary, presents the overall effect is better than a shower room is a little less, when installation of wall brick and floor tile also have special requirements, the user can also choose to use the shower curtain, this is the most economical solution, but the shower curtain prone to mildew to change, need not change regularly for a long time.
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