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Pay $6000 for the intelligent toilet, special regret. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 Not to buy!

by:Appollo bath     2020-10-31
All say winter up perseverance,

to take a bath to courage,

heating by power

winter very resist thing is to go to toilet!

to several times a day

resistance to endure neither eat nor drink

a stiff I

how to save a cold you

my toilet!

is no way to

firmly installed a smart toilet

after use repented the




simple appearance, clean glaze

the minimalist pure white one fuselage, natural smooth lines draw an outline of the warm smooth appearance, make the products show a simple fashion visual sense. And the fuselage through by 1280 ℃ high temperature calcination, glazed smooth and soft. High surface brightness, bibulous rate is low, to eliminate bacteria, dirt, health and the quality of the style between sanitary ware.

the operation is convenient, intelligent deodorization

the wireless remote control, remote control distance, omnidirectional, operation convenient and intuitive, all function all can use the remote control operation. Machine with activated carbon and deodorization device, when the seat body takes a seat, when using deodorant function automatically open, human body automatically shut off when they leave, cleaning the toilet.

seat heating, warm wind drying

the function of the seat heating don't know how to save the struggling in the cold, microcomputer control of seat in use can adjust temperature according to the need, even in the cold winter, the seat is warm and comfortable, the automatic warm water massage after rinsing, cleaned the hips will be adjustable warm wind blow dry, make you feel more care, clean and bright, warm toilet life.

spiral rinsing, slow down the cover board

then empress spiral rinsing, increase the cleaning area, increase the flushing strength, has better washing effect and comfort, clean with no residue. Damping principle design of the damping device, seat, seat cover slowly down, can be quiet close seat, enjoy the quiet quiet grace of toilet.

some people think thousands and thousands of intelligent toilet is too expensive, can make do with a few hundred dollars, looking at the same appearance, function also look about the same, why is it that some toilets can sell for 6000, and some are only 800, you said you is also your brand is not so much? Let's talk to hundreds and thousands of tens of thousands of smart toilet difference!

1: the difference is not the same as the raw materials and accessories

fill valve: don't look down upon this ordinary things, if fill valve is not good, easy to cause leakage problem.

motor: if drying fan is out of order, heating wire in the heating, also can easily catch on fire, so the motor must be better.

2 difference: the manufacturing cost is not the same as

brand toilet due to the excellent product materials, fine workmanship, high manufacturing costs, price nature is more expensive than less known and inferior brand. Such as glue process: after glue processing technology of the intelligent toilet, can very good protection board, avoid water vapor and water, so as to guarantee the quality of the product and life.

3 difference: the factory inspection is not the same as

normal manufacturer of meticulous products, factory products will be strict quality inspection checks before, won't make any unqualified products into the market. And less known and inferior brand manufacturers to product quality requirements are low, how can they can only focus on their product with low cost to create higher profits.

4 difference: the after-sales service is not the same as

Appollo sanitary ware brand manufacturers have perfect after-sales service system, are sold very care about each product produced by word of mouth. And mill type black production processing centers, production configuration is low or unqualified product is counterfeit brand more, don't care about sell products produced by the negative word of mouth, because of its low product configuration is very cheap, so a make a sell.

a high quality intelligent toilet should pass dozens of working procedure of detection to outbound shipment, first quality ceramic toilet itself is an important engineering, coupled with intelligent functions cover plate through the tank pressure relief valve to the toilet - gun assembly testing - seat load and swing the experiment - toilet weighing test - shower test and so on all inspection pass before leaving the factory. A good brand should increase service and security more, let the consumers buy felt relieved, with ease, experience the happy! Now you know why my home toilet sell expensive! ,

Appollo sanitary toilets, both appearance and performance, is very good. Not only will get rapid ascension, sanitary toilet life also promoted the process of the toilet revolution. Want to toilet way easier? Intelligent closestool let you have a clean, comfortable space that defend bath.
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