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, pay attention to details which can effectively prevent explosive - shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-22
With the improvement of economic level, people more and more attention to the improvement of life quality, shower room became the life of families came in. People enjoy the joy of the game of shower room and the space that defend bath the benefits of dry wet depart, the maintenance of shower room is also very important. One, slowly raise the water temperature, effectively reduce the explosion risk inside shower room is a closed space, high temperature and high pressure accumulation to a certain extent for glass formation pressure, lead to the glass balance, easier to bring about blowout of toughened glass. Therefore, it is suggested that everyone in the bath, don't suddenly use hot water temperature too high. Second, try to avoid collision, light on slow off although toughened glass strength is higher, even when we experiment, on the ground stood a few people have no problem, however, the characteristics of toughened glass is that it is more afraid than ordinary glass sharp objects, and fixed, shower room wall will affect the safety of toughened glass, if it is caused extremely easily by the collision explosion as a whole. Third, using laminated glass of shower room, decrease the risk of explosion glass laminated glass, is between the two pieces of glass clip into a layer of polyvinyl butyral as the main component of PVB film in the middle. Impact strength of laminated safety glass above 5 times stronger than tempered glass again. Even if broken glass, single or double glass fragments will tightly in the PVB film in laminated safety glass, the whole piece of broken glass in place, do not move, not shedding more scattered on the ground, it is effective to prevent the debris injured the accident of the human body, to ensure the security of person. This paper released by shower room tidy
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