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Plan set a preliminary plan - shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
Shower room of the style is contracted fashion, modelling changeable, practicality than traditional bath crock is extremely strong, can effectively for the consumer to do wet depart of toilet, bath in the cold season will also be able to achieve heat preservation function, so popular with the consumers, and is one of the consumer favorite sanitary ware. But currently on the market of shower room category is various, quality is uneven, so consumers when choosing a satisfied and comfortable shower room, how to set a preliminary plan? To determine the initial plan: in the preliminary planning, relative abundance of shower room should be reserved, had better not less than 900 cm by 900 cm. Below this size space is very narrow, shower comfort will be affected by a certain, usually suggest do above 1000 cm by 1000 cm, plenty of room to get better shower experience. At the same time also pay attention to the position of toilet and bathroom cabinet, both to ensure adequate shower space, convenient can consider to use the bathroom ark and toilet. In general, polarized square toilet with shower room ( Corner) More, partial rectangular toilet with shower partition ( One word) More, according to open the door way shower room can be divided into two types, flat open the door and move the door, the owner can undertake choosing according to his be fond of, but choosing flat open shower room, should pay attention to do outside will touch the toilet or bathroom ark, do open general requirements within reserve shower size 1100 cm * 1100 cm must achieve to assure to be able to have enough space into the shower house door closing activities. Wall should be paid attention to in the bathroom decorate plan is determined, the position and direction of water pipe, wire, avoid blow pipe during installation shower room, still should manage to arrange leakage protection switch and electrical outlet position, should ensure that placed outside the shower area, so as to avoid inconvenience to use.
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