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Popular 2018 new shower room is what style? -

by:Appollo     2021-08-01
Life in big cities, for most people, every day is spent in haste, only the quiet harbour, to make tired out heart to quiet down. And more and more people like to home decorate into a warm house, between wei yu is no exception. Gorgeous color always can build give a kind of lightsome space and space, make elegant room no longer drab. Especially the new shower room, for today's workers, is a busy forget, wash the exhaustion and comfortable space. Different kinds of bathroom layout, the collocation of shower room to do the right product, let you enjoy the pleasure of bathing. 802 Lange rongo-rongo series in composed by vertical elements of the handle the clever beauty of feeling fit; The idea comes from Iceland is famous for its waterfall lava lundgren glacier in the west and it is a kind of from the lava, rather than from a waterfall from the outlet of the river; Flow elements, match with white glaciers perfect presents a static comparison and dynamic perceptual display and even transparent glass can't fully occupy the jumping of metallic flow and to more happy space experience. Series 82 Moor Moore Moore as a statue, realism art is connected with the breath of modern industrial society; Modern British sculptor Henry Moore creative living language for this product. Clean in aluminum alloy with the aesthetic feeling of line and arc handle the product space of infinite amplification, as if in the deliverer of the era of information, created a new sculpture language at the same time, it is a language that dialogue with the environment, a kind of modern language full of human nature, is the feeling of the space and experience the body achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the world.
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