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Pressure again big 'bum' will be silent and help you hold up the backbone, make you a decent person!

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-07
About the importance of the ass, is easy to be ignored; The good, it is expected.

once it has been said, the people all of the anxiety, coupled with your weight, pressure is equal to the bottom. However, even if you again big pressure, your ass will help you carry a strong backbone, make you a decent life.

it is often said to the back of his head. Civilization, is the idea 'position'. A person sit what position, often determines his thinking Angle and range. Even the head of the decision, have to listen to bottom command.

ass is so important, but it is still a low profile, with a great quality. Bottom not like the face, always exposed, with limitless scenery. Said in the zhouyi, hidden dragon don't use KangLongYou of remorse. The wisest man often seems stupid ass, understand the harmony inside collect style elegance elegant, inprove, not make public.

when I was a child, no matter how you've made a mistake, is a bottom to help you carry! Even grown up after falling down, bottom will take the lead in landing, give you the buffer room for pain relief. Your ass is very good, really good to make you feel that it's good for you everything for granted, but good ass not disappoint, love ass well, than a good intelligent bathroom products!

simple appearance, more show savour

Appollo sanitary toilets is extremely brief white fuselage, natural smooth lines draw an outline of the warm smooth appearance, make the product that is contracted fashion, beautiful and generous.

clean glaze, all show style

the toilet body through by 1280 ℃ high temperature calcination, glazed smooth and soft. High surface brightness, bibulous rate is low, to eliminate bacteria, dirt, highlights the sanitary ware culture aesthetic style.

intelligent remote control, convenient operation,

the wireless remote control, remote control distance, omnidirectional, operation more convenient and intuitive. All functions can use the remote control operation.

smart deodorant, cleaning the toilet

machine with activated carbon deodorization device, when the seat body takes a seat, when using deodorant function automatically open, shut down automatically when the body left.

slow down flat, quiet quiet grace

according to the principle of the damper damping device, the design of the seat, seat cover slowly down, quiet close seat.

seat heating, warm and comfortable

seat of microcomputer control in use can adjust temperature according to the need, even in cold winter, the seat is still warm and comfortable.

warm wind to dry, warm and clean

cleaned the hips will be adjustable warm wind blowing, make you feel more care, clean and bright.

automatically flush, change numerous for brief

no need manual operation, automatic sensor, warm wind or body left the seat after cleaning, the machine will automatically flush once, even if a power outage after press side automatically flush, also can realize automatic flush.

spiral wash, clean with no residue

then empress spiral rinsing, increase the cleaning area, increase the flushing strength, has better washing effect and comfort.

Appollo sanitary toilets, both appearance and performance, had excellent performance. Appollo smart toilet, heart to love!
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