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Products, channels down - up - Fresh air to the sanitary ware market

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-09
In the process of the spread of urbanization, the building materials industry market will also follow to expand, the market for three or four lines will form a blue ocean, has been the market for sanitary ware industry layout, quickly seized opportunities, also need to clear the consumption character and demand of the market, targeted the design of the product to achieve quickly occupy the market.

Appollo sanitary ware market planning layout of the new situation,

with the deep development of sanitary ware industry, although the first-tier cities of attention that defend bath is higher, but the first-tier cities market close to saturation, second and third tier cities whose contain enormous market potential has universal attention by all the people in enterprise, the secondary and tertiary market will become the focus of sanitary ware enterprises fight for market new layout. Sanitary ware industry competition in the future battlefield will be transferred to the three or four line city, say three or four line city is sanitary ware of blue ocean in the future.

Appollo pointed out three or four line defending bath of sanitary ware market will become the future bon

in the area, the traditional performance of developed areas is still very strong, but with the rise of central China, the development of the country such as the western development policy, sanitary ware market also quietly changed, a new pattern. The eastern region because of its geographical location is located in the coastal areas, economic development level among the top, the residents' income level is higher. Consumer acceptance of wei yu brand is also higher, so the high-end consumers preferred brand, the central region along with the implementation of the national strategy of 'central rise', the central economic level raise continuously, the cognition of sanitary ware and buying desire are rising, which promotes the rapid development of central sanitary ware industry in central market has become one of China's development potential and consumer markets.

the sanitary ware that Appollo clear degree of consumer demand for brands

according to related survey, second-line brand sanitary ware industry is popular with consumers, over half of the total; Three line tied for second brands and local brands. Sanitary ware second-line brand well-knownness, productivity, channels, team four aspects continuously improve, price advantage more prominent, therefore, second-line brand preferred.

the future markets, in the high-end brand favored by consumers, investigate its reason, in the high-end brand price is relatively common, the most affordable consumer. In the brand choice, consumers pay more attention to cost performance. In the long run, the high-end sanitary ware brand will dominate the future market.

Appollo all types sanitary brand, the wei yu that has its own management, procurement, production, research and development, investment promotion and after-sales six teams. Production technology, professional design, the detection means, perfect management, good after-sales. Now become the market strength, vitality and creative manner that defend bath integrated enterprise. Now the hot investment, invite you to create a better future!
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