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Profits that defend bath, the overall sanitary ware market trends

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-29
Profits that defend bath, the overall sanitary ware market trends? Appollo wei yu to the analysis, the overall sanitary ware, sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, shower screen, bathtub, faucets, showers, accessories such as ceramic tile every single product design into a unified whole style environment, the space that defend bath is family the whole solution.

the whole wei yu as prefabricated type toilet of industrialization, standardization production, all of its components are in the factory for centralized procurement, production and assembly, molding directly shipped to the construction site after the installation, is a mature technology, stable quality and residential industrialization production mode that can meet the needs of the emerging industrial building products.

whole wei yu has remarkable energy conservation and environmental protection social efficiency, more because of concentrate production, installation and product specifications and quality standardization, standardization, quality construction, the characteristics of the process standardization is the important means to realize toilet housing industrialization.

the whole sanitary ware development good is Japan. According to the China real estate information, whole bathroom between penetration in the field of hotel in Japan has reached more than 90, penetration in the field of housing more than 70. In comparison, the overall sanitary ware market in China is still in its infancy. Longitudinal compared with the housing industrialization integral ambry industry in China, one of the solutions can be found, integral ambry to concentration, industrialization and standard features, after ten years development period and growth period has replaced artificial ambry has become the mainstream market, so the whole bathroom industrialization as the toilet is a good solution, although the market is small, industry growth, the future with continuous advance of housing industrialization, wide prospect of market.
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