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Province of the save Labour when the province space, to teach you how to choose the shower room - quality

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Shower room has less land, modelling is rich, the characteristics of convenient installation, also can to break up a space, to distinguish between the purpose of the functional area, become the key projects that decorates toilet, because people lack of understanding about it, and ignored when using the choose and buy a lot of details, caused a lot of trouble for daily life, also have doubts about the safety of the practicality and. Material decides the safety glass of shower room has fully, moisture resistance, good processability, the characteristics of less land, very suitable for the space of toilet partition, therefore, generally USES the glass shower room or organic glass to make. Organic glass due to ageing resistance, strength and abrasion resistance performance is poorer, using it to make the shower room is less and less. Common glass is due to the poor rigidity, fragile, so security is not good. Therefore, responsible production factory production of shower room USES the strength, rigidity and so on various aspects of performance are very good tempered glass to make. When consumer choose shower room, to consider from the Angle of safety and durability, must choose toughened glass products. But the toughened glass and common glass appearance, it is hard to distinguish with the naked eye, so must choose when buying shower house big scale, high credibility, after-sales service guaranteed brands and businesses, to ensure high quality products. Circular and rectangular shape or a glyph, according to the pattern of the bathroom shower room there are three main kinds of appearance style: circular, rectangular shape, and a glyph. When using these two kinds of shower room to install in the vertical corner of the room, bathed in a corner of the toilet partition area, is suitable for larger roughly is square using the toilet. A glyph shower room by on a straight line, with a metal hinge connecting of glass and glass screen, at both ends fixed on both sides of the relative wall respectively, will be separated at the end of the toilet, divided into shower area, generally suitable for the toilet or irregular shape of a rectangle using the toilet. Don't ignore the role of the sealing strip is the main purpose of shower room blocking splash splash when bath, in order to achieve the effect of dry wet depart, so when the choice must pay attention to see whether the choose and buy products in glass and glass, glass sealing strip with the joint of metope. If not, it will be difficult to splash water out of the shower nozzle blocking, and the role of shower room is so big discount. And high quality of the sealing strip of shower room should not be a breakpoint in the hinge, door sealing strip between should have magnetic, so that the water retaining performance is better. Mainly made up of toughened glass shower room, and the edges of toughened glass is fragile, be careful not to knock against the corner of the glass with good thing when using, so as to avoid damage. Had better choose glass edge sealing strip products, because the sealing strip can alleviate the impact of the knock against produce appropriately, the safety of the toughened glass has a certain protective effect.
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