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Qiu dong replacement, simple shower room cleaning maintenance is very important! -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-25
Autumn winter season, cold, experts remind that defend bath shower room friends, pay attention to maintenance of the body, but also to pay more attention to punctuality of simple shower room cleaning, maintenance, and prevent bacterial breeding, to protect the whole family health. Concentrate on developing produce simple shower room shower room for many years, summarizes some shower room cleaning maintenance good experience to share to us. A, the use of pulleys and curing push-pull type simple shower door, currently has a sliding block, and two methods of sliding. If choose the plastic pulley, smooth add a small amount of oil in common use, can not only ensure the easy to use, and the curing effect. If choose metal pulley method, in addition to gas in common use, in the north cold season using number is small, or the use of public places off-season, pulley can be part of the hydrosphere blow dry with a small amount of butter for maintenance. Second, the maintenance of toughened glass key has 3:1, do not use sharp shock or touch attack glass appearance, rendered against breakage. 2, don't use day take water kind of corrosive liquid scrubbing glass appearance, prevent damage appearance luster; 3, don't use coarse material scrub the glass appearance, to prevent scratches. Three, pulley, slide block in use should pay attention to the question 1, prevent collision force positive activity door, door to prevent the formation of activity drops; 2, is punctual pay attention to clean slide rail, pulley, slider, smooth filling agent ( Smooth smooth oil or wax) ; 3, is punctual adjustment slider adjustment screw, ensure that the slider to useful outstanding bearing and sliding door. 4, do not use sharp shock or impact acrylic appearance, rendered against breakage; 5, do not use water class that day swab corrosive liquid acrylic appearance, prevent damage appearance luster; 6, don't use coarse material scrub yakeli appearance, in order to prevent the present scratches; 7, clean and tidy shower tub, often reduce clutter residue in the basin.
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