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Readily available tools to help you easily clean glass, shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
Shower room glass, when far seems very clean, but when close to observe carefully, you will find the stain is special. More troubling is that no matter how clean wipe clean and even use the detergent, wait for dry after became a look, very ugly, and every time cleaning is especially difficult time-consuming, is do not please painfully. The following shower room in this to introduce several simple methods, believe that you can easily clean the same. Shower room glass cleaning method: 1. After the washbasin into some shampoo, stir evenly, using clean dishcloth take to wipe, so can make glass shower room is clean and bright; 2. Before cleaning, put the glass coated with chalk dust or water gesso, wait until after glass completely dry, direct use of clean, dry cloth to wipe, can purify besmirch, effect is obvious; 3. In clean heaped up in the glass door in the corner of the old dirt, can use to make half vinegar and half water, then pour into the watering can again onto the glass, then gently wipe can use old newspapers; 4. Shower room glass occasionally there are some black spots, so we can wipe with dry dishcloth shop toothpaste; 5. Use the wet cloth cling film and spray detergent also can let often oily glass door 'rebirth'. First of all, will be fully spray cleaner, glass shower room with plastic wrap, soften the grease of solidification. After ten minutes, removing the plastic wrap, can wipe with wet cloth. Glass shower room if there is a handwriting, usable rubber submerged friction, next reoccupy wet cloth to wipe. If there is paint on a glass door, usable cotton swab dipped in hot vinegar. With a clean dry cloth dips in alcohol to wipe the glass, can make its bright as crystal. 6. Bathroom mirror is stained with oil pollution, usable dishcloth, water washing, but don't let the water seepage to the edge of the mirror or the back, so as not to damage the mirror on the back of the coating. Also can use soft cloth or gauze, dip in on some of kerosene or candle is wiped, must not is wiped directly with wet cloth, otherwise lens face will more ambiguous. Mirror can also be dirty cloth dips in pure alcohol or white vinegar to water, also can use green radish slices scrub, then dry with a dry cloth. It by a cloth to wipe the mirror, picture frame, milk can make its restore clear and bright.
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