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Rectangular what is the standard size calculation - shower room

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
Do you know a rectangle suit what family family shower room? Now many consumers in the choose and buy shower room size will consider issues, but there are several kinds of shower room style, and rectangle shower room is suitable for the toilet with larger area, and with the people's life quality request more and more high, many families like the pursuit of fashion personality, the shape also has several kinds of style of shower room, with shower room is a rectangle is one of the most common shape of shower room. Consumers in custom or when the choose and buy size need to consider their own bathroom space, if a relatively small toilet can choose other style can be, so customers can see rectangular shower room is a standard size, which is suitable for installation in measure their toilet design. Usually standard rectangle size: 1200 * 800 * 1850100 * 800 * 1850120 * 800 * 1950100 * 800 * 1880 standard square shower room size: 800 * 1000900 * 1000100 * 1000 standard height as 1. 95 m ( 1950 mm) And 1. 9 m ( 1900 mm) If you want to enjoy free chang shower bath life, not only easy to do, clear corner toilet, shower room width rectangle height can make shower can freely stretch, if consumer wants to be a wider size extensions lengthened and widened, and can be customized, this must be considered toilet size to custom. Shower room manufacturer warns customer, square shower room with sliding sliding door will be more save a space, and push and pull open the door to the inside and outside is more convenient but get in the way of external space that defend bath items, everyone according to their own goods collocation between wei yu is put to determine how to open the door. Rectangular shower room the overall appearance of hardened, reveal swagger, interior space is capacious. To enjoy the bath incisively and vividly, and the space that defend bath is bigger, can choose rectangular shower room.
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