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Reduce the humidity of toilet is one of the important destroy bacterial growth -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
Sorching summer is a season to the growth of bacteria, viruses, toilet as an important function in daily life place, naturally became the bacteria breeding ground, even if is often clean, it is also hard to inhibit bacteria survive and reproduce. If toilet installed the dry wet differentiate shower room, still can't get rid of the bathroom damp phenomenon, so what are the good ways to limit the bacteria of toilet? Toilet humidity is the biggest cause of bacterial growth, high humidity will give provide a breeding ground for bacteria growth, make the bacteria to grow in this environment to get the opportunity, improve the speed of propagation, therefore, if reduce the humidity of toilet, can reduce the bacteria breeding. The dehumidification of toilet how to do? Use the desiccant? Liquid desiccant dehumidification is also possible, but not only the high cost is not environmental protection, we can use plant to dehumidification, both environmental and economical. Can plants dehumidifier? Can, of course, part of the plant will send out a special smell, and the flavor components inside can kill bacteria in the air, so that the toilet as a healthy, also protect the safety of people, why do you say so? Imagine if excessive amounts of bacteria in the air, not in the shower in the process of inhaled a lot of bacteria into the body. Although home toilet also cannot kill the bacteria to the air, don't open the toilet even, also gathered around a lot of bacteria. People breathe in toilet humidity of air will cause adverse to the body, can lead to excessive moisture, produce allergic, qi and blood, blood heat and other symptoms, so don't look down on high humidity this problem. Tiger orchid, ivy, lemon grass plants can achieve dehumidification effect.
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