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Rounding out the four installation steps - hot and cold water tap

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-23
See at most faucet is living in the life, is also used most frequently. Although the faucet relative shower room is such a 'monster', seemingly insignificant, but once it has problems, will lead to big trouble. Now many of the owners in household decoration, can choose and buy the faucet and convenient in the use of bath and kitchen to wash the dishes. So the cold hot faucet of different have different installation method, do you know? A, single span installation single-hole basin faucet, basin faucet must pay attention to the diameter of the intake. Most of the water faucet in the market now is to use hard tube into the water, so must pay attention to the height of the reserved water pipe, about 30 cm down from the stage basin is the best. When installation, must be equipped with special Angle valve, Angle valve must be the hot and cold water pipes fixed with the wall. If the Angle valve and the tap water pipe on the distance between the two, you will need to use special tube to lengthen link, cannot use other pipes to connect, otherwise it will leak, fall off because of the water pressure is too big. If over outlet pipe inlet pipe is too long, cut it off and spare parts. Second, shower, bath, hang a wall to tap if it is to choose the shower, bath, hang a wall to faucet, then it must be good right height measurement buried outlet pipe in advance. Cold and hot water pipe distance in about 20 centimeters of above, the water pipe before installation, avoid the water quality and damaged the faucet. Dark outfit shower, bath crock bibcock: buy dark outfit after bibcock, generally to tap valve core is embedded in the wall. To consider before embedded toilet wall thickness. The wall is too thin, the valve core will not be able to embed. Embedded in a plastic cover don't removal of the valve core and the lest cement and other chores when embedded damage the valve core. In the embedded of valve core should also pay attention to the direction of the valve disc up and down, left and right sides, in order to avoid the valve core is buried fault. Third, the constant temperature faucet before installing the thermostatic faucets, clear water pipe must be determined which side is out of the cold water, which side is out of the hot water, in order to avoid when installed to meet the, the serious influence to the later use. Gas and solar water heater cannot use thermostatic faucets, because the water pressure is too low. At the time of install thermostatic faucets must first installation of hot and cold water filter. Four, puckering kitchen faucet is among the highest in the frequency of faucet in the kitchen, so be sure to install solid, you must tighten the nut in the installation. On the market at present there is a group of faucet can use big nut screw fixed tube, solid effect is very good, very suitable for the use of modern people.
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