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Sanitary and so many kinds, how to cleaning? -

by:Appollo     2021-06-16
Sanitary ware is the most important product in household life, from the bathroom sanitary ware to the kitchen sink with faucet is part of the sanitary ware. Clean to use after a long time, it will breed a wide range of bacteria, so clean to clear also became an important task of our daily life. However different clean to have different ways to clean, detailed how to do? The following and see it together. A, ceramic tile, and implement the work of cleaning the ceramic tile, ceramic tile surface is a layer of vitreous glaze, so in the plot, only need to use the bathroom clean powder to wipe. Between ceramic tile seam filling agent in use after period of events also easy to mildew black, clean to avoid this kind of situation, we can use the net to scrub old toothbrush dipped in sanitary ware. Implement: sit implement, implement the cleaning brush or sponge, available on the market has sold to bathroom cleaner add cold water to clean. When cleaning should pay special attention to the edge of hydrosphere and below the water drain, because the two is the most easy to shelter evil people and practices in the toilet. Toilet cover dirty, can be stained with neutral detergent to wipe with a cloth. Second, the work of cleaning the bathtub, faucet and shower bath crock, tub in use after a period of time, there will be a scale on the side and bottom adhesion, so we should be washed after bath every day, just keep bath crock in a clean state, so that it can effectively avoid soap scum and bacteria breeding. At the time of the plot, can use the bathroom cleaner for cleaning, again and again until completely eliminate soap scum, put a collection of hair in the bathtub drain, can collect hair to avoid pipe blockage. Faucet and shower nozzle, shower nozzle to use after a long time, very prone to the condition of the water not, usually because of scale accumulation is too much. Then we can put the nozzle to be removed, and then soaked in vinegar, and take out after about two hours, then use brush to brush teeth to soften the scale is ok. And while the hard water deposit of faucet, sanitary wipe clean can eliminate. The faucet and bronze are after plating the surface of the metal products, such as long-term effects without wiping it produces corrosion and spots. Usually with net clean bathroom, will be bright. Do not use acidic cleaner to wipe, otherwise it will erode the bronze. Three, the work of cleaning the shower room, shower room when clean the shower room, very easy. We only need to at least once a week for the shower room clean again, at the time of cleaning, use neutral glass of water to do, do not use with strong acid and strong alkali washing supplies, because both the residual material will cause certain influence of shower room and human body.
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