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Sanitary ceramic tile of choose and buy skills -

by:Appollo     2021-06-16
Toilet decorate building materials is most used? There is no doubt that must be ceramic tile. Pick up a money and beautiful cheap ceramic tile, is all decorate owner's wishes. Good ceramic tile can demand not only on the style and tone, more important is material. Then shower room today to teach people how to choose ceramic tile of toilet, improve degree of beauty and comfort between wei yu, these tips can not miss oh. 1, strong waterproof bathroom walls must use waterproof and resistant to corrosion and mildew resistant ceramic tile ( Or vitreous brick) Covered with; Bathroom floor tile choice: floor had better prevent slippery floor tile with what have raised figure. 2, the density of ceramic tile quality ceramic tile of choose and buy when, can be viewed from the side brick face whether level off, whether to appear uneven thickness of the pinhole. At the same time, the ceramic tile to listen voice whether knock is ringing, the sound is crisp, according to the quality of a material is high density of ceramic tile, hardness is better. 3, beautiful beautiful degree is color, design and color, the smoothness of ceramic tile itself, geometry size, the general recommendation 1 - reserved 1. 5 mm natural shrinkage cracks, because ceramic tile also should heat bilges cold shrink. Wall brick is bibulous rate is about 10%. It is best to use waterproof, not bibulous. 4, good choice of the specifications of the wall brick advice first measured the size of the toilet, general of the specifications of the wall brick of 300 x300, 300 x450, 300 x600, 400 x800, so according to the size of the measurement of toilet area, and then select the relevant planning wall brick size. Degree of 5, brick surface glazing can scrape brick surface with good thing, if appear scratches, glazing is insufficient. Wait until after a thinner glaze layer on the surface of the ceramic tile polishing, brick surface and easy to hide the dirt, difficult to clean up, and the lack of security. Everyone is more than five shower room for clean the toilet of ceramic tile choice of tip, is preparing to decorate the owners, you when choosing a ceramic tile have noticed this? These basic little common sense should remember well, in this way can when decorate good ceramic tile of choose and buy to contentment.
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