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Sanitary knowledge science moment: shower room size to choose how much appropriate? -

by:Appollo     2021-06-15
At present there are still a small number of friends to the cognition of shower room is belong to the initial contact, when they want to install the shower room, will raise the question: does each type of shower room is the same size? Adults and children use are all the same size? Then small make up today with this question, to explain it to you, hope to be able to help you better understanding. Accompanied by accelerated the pace of life and the quality of life of people also constantly improve, creating healthy and comfortable between the wei yu that has become a part of the people to pay attention to, shower room and nature and became 'darling'. The existence of shower room, can bring many benefits for people, it is convenient to use, clean and simple, make full use of wei yu of every space at the same time also can make dry wet depart between bath, is fully staffed, but we as consumers, before the choose and buy must have certain knowledge of dimensions. Generally speaking, we must first understand good the dimension of shower room have how old, what kind of shower room is more suitable for themselves and their families, and on this point to choose appropriate own shower room products. Shower room at the time of design and customization in general are the body of most Chinese conditions and make, most of the shower room size is: length: 900 mm; Width: 900 mm; Height: 1950 mm. Actually it is the most important standard is high, if your height completely overshadowed the height of the shower room can't normal use. And the shower room size of 1950 mm and 1850 mm high basic can meet the demand of most Chinese body, special we can also adopt the way of custom designed to suit his requirements of shower room size shape. Have a knowledge of the overall shower room size should look at it and then what's the area suitable for space, namely: 8 square meters.
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