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Sanitary toilet buying class ( 1) # do you know the advantages and disadvantages of straight strong pattern and siphon toilet is?

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-10
Now in the market of toilet, blunt water way, there are two main types of straight strong pattern and siphon type two kinds, when buy, a lot of people don't, the advantages and disadvantages of the two below small make up to introduce, the hope can help you to do a reference!

a, and the advantages and disadvantages of the siphon toilet is

siphon toilet and straight strong pattern is the main difference is that the flush toilet system structure is different, siphon toilet when flushing, form a spiral shape, produce certain suction, so as to put the things in the toilet to trap, discharge to the sewer system, so this kind of toilet momentum is smaller.

but when the siphon toilet flush is quieter, the noise is small, suit to install the public toilet closestool, even if the sitting room inside someone, use toilet also won't produce a lot of noise, to avoid the embarrassing situation.

and siphon toilet deodorization effect is also good, scour is relatively clean. In terms of water saving, siphon type per flush toilet need about 7 l of water.


the voice of the water there is no straight strong pattern as big toilet, but also has very good odor-proof functions, can be washed away the dirt from the pipe.


to a lot of water, have a certain quantity can achieve a goal, every time all need at least eight liters of water, relatively speaking, more waste, drainage pipe diameter is small, easy to jam, so can't release paper inside.

2, the advantages and disadvantages of straight strong pattern toilet

straight strong pattern closestool is direct water momentum flush the toilet, toilet flushing system structure is simple, and relative to siphon toilet, its price is relatively low.

when the toilet flush straight strong pattern is more save water, so the application in a public toilet more;

however, the voice of straight strong pattern flush toilet is bigger, so use in the family, is not very good, and want to sound small, to reduce the water pressure, so, so, toilet flushing effect is bad.


is the pipe is simpler, and the process is short, increasing after discharge function, can put the dirty wash clean, and there are the advantages of saving water, non-clogging, flush the strong strength.


is a bit loud, water bay is small, easy to form the dirt.

siphon toilet improved toilet straight strong pattern noise is big problem, but also has very strong blowdown ability good to win the market, main if old room decorate must look whether there is water pipe trap, if there is a trap to choose straight suction, now the new building with siphon is generally no problem.

today is to introduce the above advantages and disadvantages of straight strong pattern and siphon toilet, next to introduce you to choose which is better between the two.

class sanitary ware, we can talk next time!
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