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Sanitary ware development prospect is good, the future of the intelligent toilet how!

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-22
Sanitary ware development prospect is good, the future of the intelligent toilet? For a long time, people dream to have a wonderful smart home living environment. Today, the content of technology innovation and breakthrough at any time, this kind of fantasy become reality. After the first tastes of smartphones, consumers begin to intelligent product produce more interest and confidence. Appollo bath to help you to see.

by collecting data found:

1, three percent of respondents for intelligent toilet has certain cognition and understanding, know what kind of function is suitable for their own use;

2, the place that toilet is respondents is smart update;

3, their family income is higher, the higher the demand for intelligent bathroom products.

4, people get older, the greater the demand for intelligent toilet;

5, fifty-eight percent. 1 of the respondents would like to support the Chinese, they air sex price is high, quality can compete with foreign products, the key is the use of air more accord with Chinese habit.

6, the price is one of the important factors, respondents buy intelligent toilet around forty-three percent. 2001-7 respondents willing to spend 4000 yuan price of smart toilet; Twenty-one percent. Respondents are willing to spend 4001-3 6000 yuan price of smart toilet; The rest of the price ratio is not high.

in addition to the above data analysis, sanitary ware industry experts to the future of the intelligent toilet do market analysis to understand:

now tend to have more functional building decoration materials, such as antibacterial anion ceramic tile, floor absorb formaldehyde, etc. , and the product that defend bath is functioning, coupled with intelligent plate, functional can do perfect, in the aspect of health to be able to reflect the uniqueness of the intelligent function that defend bath, such as physical condition can be detected by intelligent toilet, so the trend of intelligent sanitary ware will be geared to the needs of a variety of functional.

SUSHIDE sanitary ware:

Appollo sanitary toilets new generation, extremely pure Jane contracted the fuselage, line is fluent, concise and easy appearance; One-piece industrial design, compact, can easily Hold all kinds of bathroom decorate a style, upgrade the bathroom; All intelligent design, powerful, human body mechanics design, sit feels more comfortable.

Appollo intelligent toilet automatic defending bath of warm water wash + warm air drying, the detail design of the humanized function. Seat heating function, in the winter, warm water rinse automatically in combination with humanized seat induction heating design, can according to the human body temperature adjust themselves to the comfortable temperature, not too cold or too hot cause discomfort to the body.

Appollo sanitary toilets have unique nozzle cleaner, spray rod before each use and after use, will be to clean itself, let toilet clean. Automatic way of warm water rinse clean, before and after the position can be adjusted, let clean massage and live, for different genders and designed the different nozzle cleaning device, especially for women, the elderly, patients with hemorrhoids and the pursuit of healthy and high quality life friends.
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