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Sanitary ware observed from which aspects to choose the high quality? -

by:Appollo     2021-06-16
With improvement of people's quality of life, everyone began to demand for sanitary ware also increased. In the bathroom is decorated, not just the shower room is the important choice, sanitary ware are important part of the other, so how to identify them when the choose and buy is good or bad? A, identify embryos from the embryonic body body quality directly decides the ceramic sanitary ware permeable rate. The ceramic on the firing technology has made great improvement. But in the low-grade and high-grade brand are using the same high temperature ceramic, but the gap is still obvious. 'High temperature tunnel kiln' length directly determines the quality of the tunnel, the longer the ceramic from heating to cooling time will be longer, colleagues in the firing process, the temperature change is small, the product is not prone to cracking, and the resistance to freezing and chicken thermal performance is very good; 'High temperature tunnel kiln' short, burn out of ceramic quality is crisp and easy to crack. Two, see discrimination on glaze glaze brand, glaze layer thickness, and the firing technology are directly determine the effect of sanitary ware glaze, imported glaze, glaze layer thickness of sanitary ware surface level off is exquisite, feel full, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, looks very comfortable. And self-cleaning ability is strong, low permeable rate. High-grade sanitary ware plumbing and tank wall also have glazing processing, to prevent a dirty toilet is very important, but the process difficulty is very big, homebred brand can do it, rarely downcomer is watering the glaze judgment ware class is an important symbol. Three, parts to distinguish the traditional copper water, float the water have been eliminated, the pieces are using imported PVC materials, good water vacuum irrigation technology, anticorrosion performance and leakproof performance are greatly improved. Fourth, the overall modelling to identify novel high quality sanitary wares not only beautiful modelling, and accord with human body function, the use of comfort and convenience. Equipment and design ability is the deciding factor. A high level of manufacturers generally adopts imported mold.
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