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Sanitary ware stores with that enhance customer pay rate

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-23
In sanitary ware store traffic under the condition of less and less, sanitary ware shop wants to boost sales or actively set out to find customers, or to hold each into the shop customers promote clinch a deal, to find a way to increase the amount of each order at the same time, let each customer's sales flow value. Teach you six tips below, greatly increase the rate of your customers to pay!

1. To help customers choose

many customers even if the intention to buy, also don't like order quickly, he always pick and choose among the constantly on product style, material, price. At this moment, is about to change strategy, temporarily don't talk about the problem of order, to help each other warmly selecting gifts, arranging, style, etc. , once the problem solved, you this list would be implemented.

2. Customers really need and hesitation

when customer repeated buy signal, but hesitate make up our minds, can adopt the technique of 'choose one'. The customer said: 'do you want to contemporary and contracted style of bathroom ark or classical Chinese style of bathroom ark real wood? 'Or say:' excuse me, is deliver the books to you today or tomorrow? ', this kind of skill, 'choose one' question is actually you help him to make, make up my mind to buy.

3. Ask answer type

the so-called counter-question type answers, is when the prospective client asked some product, unfortunately no, just have to use the rhetorical question to make the order. For example, the customer asked: 'this type of white your store have? 'At this time, never answer no, but should be asked:' we have the same silver, high-end atmosphere and the price is the same, a lot of people buy, do you like? ”

4. Use 'afraid you can't buy' psychological

usually,, can't buy the more get, the more people want to get it, buy it. Take advantage of this 'fear can't buy' psychology, can make the order. For example, can be said to customers: 'this product only this one, no longer replenish onr's stock in the short term, you don't buy. 'Or said:' today offer a day, please grasp the good opportunity, tomorrow you can't buy this kind of discount. '

5. Playing hard to get the

some customers naturally indecision, although he is interested in the product, but dragged on, was too slow to make a decision. At this point, we might as well look to leave intentionally. This kind of move, sometimes to promote each other make up my mind to.

6. Cut the Gordian knot

after trying the several techniques, cannot impress the other side, you have to use the assassin's mace, cut the Gordian knot, directly for customer order, for example, flatly said to him: 'if you want to save money, Or for other reasons) , you can choose the right, I'll order for you. ”
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