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sanitary ware too difficult to do business? See excellent dealer do

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-02

Sanitary ware business difficult to do, this is recently heard more in a word, many dealers are all faced with the difficulty that defend bath. This topic, we'll talk about sanitary ware terminal stores management. 

 It's hard to do sanitary ware business why? Previously, industry popular a word: 'to get rich, do building materials', building materials is good, and profitable businesses, why to it's hard to do it now? Standardised products in the past, manufacturers, dealers include a beautiful store, you can sell better. But it is no longer applicable, 'hot style product farmland' time has passed, instead, the long tail market is increasingly obvious. Head market, mainly by big brands, normal product, and the long tail market, by individual brand innovation, personalized products. In the market will be squeezed, personalized consumption era, head long tail market share increase, this has resulted in product update speed, brand without continuous innovation ability, is the inevitable result was eliminated by the market. 

 On the buying habits, the rise of the Internet home outfit, monoblock, consumption entry forward, cut off part of the natural passenger terminal stores, terminal sales model, changed the sanitary ware waiting for customers door-to-door sales model is unsustainable. In such a market environment, if not actively looking for a variety of channels, and further close to consumers, stores management will become increasingly difficult. Under the new situation, what should we do? Buck the trend in recent years, the Appollo sanitary ware, the number of stores and sales have maintained rapid growth. The monthly sales championship repeatedly stores in the local market, sign the bill championship in the trade fair, in union activity for this brand and so on. What is the secret of them, we choose a few cases, for everybody reference. Union activity, live online, a night under the order 135. Changle in fujian, and cross-border brand alliance, in the form of live online, never leave home can let consumers understand product, snapping up. This form of different industry alliance with live online, integration of customer resources, put forward consumption entrance, a good solution to the problem of the stores shunt. Proactive, forming an outfit, communities and other multi-channel promotion. 

 Guangdong huidong store to store as the main camp, through home outfit, communities and other multi-channel promotion, try business achieved gratifying results. In an age of users dispersion, we want to consumers as the center, provide consumers with more convenient and thoughtful service, where consumers are, we will need to go. Product differentiation, sell different solutions. Appollo annually held 30% of the new product listing, the market competition. Terminal stores have to do is follow the brand, on the sample in time, through the design of the whole space, the unique product advantages, converted to provide users with different solutions. Actually, not sanitary ware business difficult to do this year, but consumers have changed, the terminal stores management way has changed, which bring opportunities for innovators. Regardless of industry, the future is belong to the age of bold innovator. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website

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