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Sanitary ware wholesale market in where, what are the tips to clean the toilet?

by:Appollo bath     2020-12-18
For sanitary ware market, it is very important to find a good sanitary ware wholesale market, can save costs for you. So where is the sanitary ware wholesale market, several methods to clean the toilet, you know? Let the sanitary ware that Appollo brings you the several methods.

a, clean tap

stain settle the faucet already a long time, the spread of bacteria, can remove a recruit! Uniform white vinegar and baking soda, put in toilet paper and then cover faucet 30 ~ 60 minutes, uncover after rinse with clear water.

2, clean the shower head

in shower head and a layer of scale on the surface for a long time, looked up the desire to take a shower bath have long gone, more serious will block the outlet! Might as well take a plastic bag, pour into white vinegar, enveloped the shower head with a rubber band is fixed, soak dry with a dry towel after 1 hour.

3, cleaning the toilet

1, the toilet is difficult to remove yellow stains, sprinkle baking soda, brewed in hot water to wash in half an hour. Toilet outlet around the place, also remember to use toilet paper to soak after baking soda solution cover, to achieve the goal of soaking.

2, conditions permitting, can remove the toilet cover, clean the gap.

3, add a little white vinegar in the water tank, not only have the function of the disinfection sterilization, also can remove attached to the tank wall of the scale.

4, washing bath

the bath on stubborn dirt, with lemon + salt can be easily erased! And then rinse off with clear water.

5, cleaning the mirror

the bathroom mirror often with all sorts of things such as toothpaste, watermarks, might as well use to drink black tea bag left in the gently wipe the spots on the mirror, then dry with a dry cloth can recover such as new.

6, cleaning rust stains

multifunctional lemon, more benefits. Toilet is damper, one thousand rusty, can cut lemon half, will squeeze lemon juice on the rust stains, soak for 10 minutes, use a brush, then rinse off with clear water after.

the toilet inside the bottle is more, can advance at the bottom of the material is easy to rust coated with a layer of nail polish, in order to prevent rust. These are the sanitary ware manufacturer Appollo sums up several methods for you, hope to help you.
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