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sanitary ware: world health day words household health lead and formaldehyde nots allow to ignore

by:Appollo bath     2020-08-10

On October 13, is world health day, the establishment of it is to commemorate the world health organization constitution approved date. During the period of world health day, each of the member states, the world health organization (who) will be held in commemoration, promote and popularize health knowledge, to improve people's health level. Household environment is the important factors that affect people's health, in the public holiday, the response to a call for Appollo high-end integral sanitary ware that focus on household health, to say it can affect the health of household 2 big pollution & ndash; — Lead and formaldehyde. Lead and formaldehyde nots allow to ignore, because lead and formaldehyde serious harm to human health, is the main pollutant, household environment formaldehyde more claims is the number one killer of human health. But in daily life, the 2 people ignored the pollution is very easily, because they are invisible, at ordinary times is difficult to detect. 

 Here, the Appollo said that defend bath is first in the home environment, lead and formaldehyde is how to? What do they have? Lead is a heavy metal, is a kind of affinity more poison, after entering the human body harmful to the body more system. Children lead poisoning after slightly agitated hyperactivity, anemia, serious when low IQ, and even life-threatening, pregnant women after the lead poisoning easy abortion. Smoking in the home environment, source of lead pollution, automobile exhaust and outdoor lead metal products, these are all easy to avoid, after all can see. 

 Lead poisoning is the most hidden sources of water, the origin of lead in water besides itself quality lead paint, and terminal equipment with water & ndash; — The tap is the major cause of lead poisoning. Faucet material is given priority to with copper, inferior faucet is ordinary copper, containing impurities is higher, the most obvious is tainted with lead. When the water faucet in the lead to enter the water, increased the lead content in the water, people drink the water to have high levels of lead to chronic lead poisoning. So when buying faucets, must recognize what is the material of copper. Appollo faucet and shower shower, for example, is the copper content in 59 & amp; - 62 & High quality copper, the copper lead content is lower than the national standard of 11 milligrams. After precise spectrometer detection, Appollo faucet meet the national drinking water standard, will not cause secondary pollution to water, does not affect human health. Said to formaldehyde, formaldehyde is a chemical that is necessary for the chemical products raw materials. In the home environment, formaldehyde mainly comes from artificial decorate plank, glue, artificial stone, etc. Formaldehyde see nor touch, internal energy continued volatility in the 15 years of time, especially in over 19 degrees temperature, reached the boiling point of formaldehyde, volatile content more faster, the damage to human body. 

 Formaldehyde causes cancer, leukemia, lead to fetal abnormalities, and so on, a lot of children with leukemia, is decorated in the home, caused by formaldehyde to exceed bid. To avoid the harm of formaldehyde, special attention should be paid to the choice of decoration materials, as far as possible to use less glue, plywood, choose more green environmental protection material. In terms of sanitary ware, may exist formaldehyde is the bathroom ark. There are several kinds of bathroom ark plank different plate containing formaldehyde have high low. 

 Appollo recommends that defend bath when decorate between sanitary ware, appropriate use of solid wood bathroom cabinet, in the process of solid wood bathroom cabinet manufacturing formaldehyde content is low. In reducing formaldehyde content in the bathroom ark, Appollo sheet selected from North America high-quality timber, after 13 balance technology of drying, degreasing, 128 cold pressing, hot pressing, and curing process, 9 handmade fine grinding, cross adhesion, high temperature and high pressure, 7 environmental protection paint technology, and a series of manufacturing process, make the bathroom cabinet meet environmental standards E1 class above. After testing, the Appollo green bathroom ark formaldehyde value is far less than 0. 10 mg/m3, according to the provisions of the state, can be directly used for indoor household use, safe non-toxic. At the same time, through the experiment show that the Appollo health plank immerse in the fish tank, can also raise small goldfish, fully shows the plank of non-toxic. 

 Home health, is about every family, lead with concealment and formaldehyde harm human health, has drawn great attention of the family. Appollo sanitary ware & other; Unlimited elegance throughout life &; , not only to provide high-end sanitary ware products, but also advocate a healthy lifestyle. In this world health day, let us work hand in hand to improve the understanding of health, pay attention to household health together, enjoy healthy life. Want to learn more about Appollo contents that defend bath, open the Appollo's official website
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