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Set pampered in a simple shower room, where good? -

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-18
Simple shower room is different from the overall shower room category, is a simple structure, the independence of concise and connect fully feels dye-in-the-wood fashion shower room, because of its simple, comfortable, neat bath experience, market demand increased, many families have to choose the simple shower room, simple shower room how to clean? Simple shower room its basic structure is the bottom basin or candy, candy or natural stone artificial stone bottom bottom bottom basin texture such as ceramics, acrylic, artificial stone, at the end of camp or bottom basin is installed on plastic or toughened glass shower room, toughened glass door with ordinary tempered glass, high quality toughened glass, water ripple toughened glass and toughened glass cloth material, simple shower room structure is relatively simple, some brands can provide custom shower room services. Compared with the whole shower room, the space is relatively independent and concise, appear a sense of strong, don't keep out the overall effect of ceramic tile shop sticks of toilet. In addition, its price is relatively complex products, such as overall shower room is much more favourable, and rich style, can customize according to the actual circumstance of the bathroom shower room. But there is no 'roof' simple shower room, warmth retention property is relatively not very good. Regular cleaning with water in the glass of shower room will inevitably touch on bath products and stain, then you need to clean with clear water, preferably with a soft cloth to wipe, soft cloth can choose and glabrous, so not on the glass fiber. Regular cleaning with water glass shower room glass how clean is not a simple problem, in addition to conventional water, glass water regular cleaning is needed. Water usually dedicated clean glass and glass related products, used in shower room should be 'symptomatic'. In accordance with the applied to clarify, we will first level of glass spray in glass appearance, then wipe clean with dry soft cloth. Do not lose hair dry soft cloth, had better choose or you prepare a few more, wet or dry soft cloth, fell from the little hairs stick to glass; The breath of a glass of water is not very obvious. General supermarkets have a glass of water for you to choose from. If there is dirt, please use neutral cleaning cloth and soft cloth to wipe. Shower room glass how clean problems certainly still has a certain skill, you remember, must be neutral cleaner, which is less damage to the glass. Use a small amount of alcohol can remove stubborn stains. Avoid by all means use acidic, alkaline solvent to clean.
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