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Seven little skill, senior instantly make your bathroom!

by:Appollo bath     2021-01-13
The decoration of the bathroom is always play space is the smallest part, because all the year round touch water, dare not to choose easy to rusty metal parts, did not dare to choose wood, also dare not choose knitted cotton and linen kind adornment, lead to the bathroom looks extremely dull. Actually the bathroom can also be very rich, these seven tips, senior instantly make your bathroom!

to upgrade the seven skills of the bathroom

01. Replace carpet

even seemingly insignificant little decorative elements can completely change the appearance of the interior, often to replace carpet, not only can reduce the bacteria breeding, to create different atmosphere of the space, also can make the bathroom look brand-new.

02. Ingenious use of floret brick

choose pure color ceramic tile bathroom up although concise but also hard to avoid a low profile, like fun decorating friend floret brick can be used to relieve the monotony of the bathroom, metope ground are available, but at home with the old man also must pay attention not to make metope and ground is too loud, the result of the old man see dazzling and accidents.

03. Update the metope adornment

in the market now there are many different types of wallpaper, including waterproof wallpaper, even in the bathroom can glue them and there is no problem. The use of ceramic tile in the bathroom and bright floral wallpaper, not only for the space to create a special mood, more add a warm and comfortable.

04. Hang some mirror

use a large mirror in the bathroom or a few small mirror is one of the most popular decoration technology. This will allow you to increase the area of the room on the vision, and create an unusual because of the glare of light and dark corner. But there is no need to hang and strictly follow the same mirror symmetry rules, don't be afraid to try the color, shape and position.

05. Replacement of textiles

soft fluffy cotton pajamas, bright and soft towel, soft texture and color always can let a space warm up. Those who help to create a comfortable atmosphere, make the bathroom is no longer cold and damp. Should accord with the overall design style, textiles completely can be used as a decoration, and the effect is very outstanding.

06. Add green

sublimation inside the bathroom is the easiest way to arrangement or hang flowers in the flower pot. All dragon's blood trees, orchids, bamboo of curvature of the spinal and ivy, can perfectly greening the space, it also can be used as a natural air purifier, make whole space moment full of vitality.

07. Dare to use the ladder

the bathroom use ladder can easily replace the huge put aside frame, it is particularly important in the narrow space. On the broad stairs, you can placing buy all personal care products and other bathroom accessories, including towels, so as to increase the space around the sink.
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